Blending Boho with Other Styles for Your Wedding – A Fresh Fusion

Your wedding day should be an intimate expression of who you are as an individual, what better way to show that than through mixing styles? Boho weddings have long been appreciated for their relaxed aesthetic, but when combined with other themes it can create a one-of-a-kind. We will look at all the ways Boho can blend with other intriguing wedding themes for an unforgettable day.

Photo by Andre Gouin  – full wedding here 

Boho Meets Rustic: A Countryside Affair

Rustic weddings are known for their charming, down-to-earth feel, making them the ideal accompaniment to boho’s laidback elegance. Envision exchanging your vows under an archway of trees with wooden benches as seating and mason jar lanterns providing soft lighting. Incorporate wildflowers and greenery for added rustic boho charm. Think table runners on reclaimed wood tables, burlap accents paired with macramé details, or a naked cake decorated with fresh blooms. Everything needed for an intimate yet effortlessly romantic countryside celebration.

photos by Joss Denham.– full wedding here

Modern Boho: Sleek and Chic

For couples that appreciate clean lines and minimalism but enjoy adding a splash of boho whimsy, modern boho is the ideal combination. Think sleek geometric shapes set against lush greenery with macramé accents adorning walls or furniture. Crisp white and neutral tones combined with strategically placed pops of boho colour like rich terracottas and sumptuous mustards are used to join both styles together seamlessly. While metallic accents, concrete planters or Scandinavian-inspired furniture can add that modern touch that makes this look timeless yet trendy.

photos by Chang for Wedding Boutique Phuket – full wedding here

Boho-Vintage: Timeless Elegance

If nostalgia is calling your name, combining vintage and boho can add timeless charm to your day. Start with your vintage engagement ring as the focal point and build out from there. Decorate with vintage vases paired with bohemian flower arrangements, reupholster antique furniture in vibrant fabrics, add crystals and feathers for that mystical effect, as well as retro elements like record players for that throwback appeal. Antique lace dresses, vintage veils and heirloom jewellery add an air of history while boho’s relaxed approach ensures nothing feels too formal. Decorate your event with found objects like vintage typewriters, distressed wooden frames and retro tableware. Their combination creates an atmosphere that’s both deeply romantic yet casually relaxed.

photo by joseph kinerman – full shoot here

Boho-Beach: A Love Affair by the Sea

Boho-Beach style weddings are perfect for couples dreaming of an oceanic nuptial. Marrying bohemian aesthetics with natural beach settings for an idyllic beach ceremony on sandy shores with waves lapping against your toes as the background. Decorate the evening with driftwood arches draped in gauzy fabrics, seashells, and hanging lanterns to bring light. Earthy tones and oceanic shades dominate your colour scheme, including soft blues, sandy neutrals and touches of coral hues. Seating options should include plush floor cushions and low wooden tables to create a relaxed ambience. Brides can wear dresses featuring delicate lace while grooms may choose linen attire for more casual wedding attire. Floral arrangements with tropical blooms, pampas grass and eucalyptus further elevate this boho-beach aesthetic for an effect that is both serene and beautiful.

photo by  Asha Bailey Photography.– full wedding here 

Boho-Industrial: Edgy Romance

Couples drawn to urban chic and rustic charm will find the Boho-Industrial style appealing, providing an intriguing mix of both worlds. Imagine holding your wedding in an old warehouse or loft space, complete with exposed brick walls, metal beams and large windows as the perfect setting. Add bohemian touches like macrame hangings, lush greenery and vintage rugs in this industrial environment. Edison string lights and candles placed in metallic holders creates an enchanting ambience. Opting for colours with deep jewel tones, mixed metals and rich textures to bring warmth and depth into any space can bring added romance. Brides may opt for unusual dresses with bold designs, while grooms may opt for modern tailoring and unique accessories. This Boho-Industrial aesthetic embraces contrasts to create an event both edgy yet enchanting at the same time.

photo by HereNorth Photography – full wedding here 

Boho-Whimsical: A Fairytale Dream

This wedding style is ideal for couples dreaming of an enchanted forest setting with towering trees, twinkling fairy lights and blooming wildflowers as their venue of choice. Prepare an atmospheric ceremony space by decorating it with a floral archway adorned with cascading ribbons and delicate lanterns hanging from branches. Pastel colours like blush pink, lavender and mint green will further heighten the ethereal ambience. Seating arrangements could feature vintage mismatched chairs and hay bales covered with quilted covers for an intimate setting. Brides might opt for flowing dresses featuring intricate embroidery and floral crowns. Grooms could don vintage-inspired suits featuring bow ties or suspenders. Floral arrangements including whimsical blooms like peonies, ranunculus and baby’s breath accented with greenery create a dreamlike ambience that guests will fondly remember forever.

photo by  Eros Dangelo – full wedding here



Combining boho with other design styles for your wedding not only heightens its aesthetic appeal but also personalises your celebration. No matter if your heart flutters with rustic charm, modern minimalism, vintage elegance, industrial edginess, whimsical fantasy or beachy serenity there is sure to be a boho blend that fits. Remember your wedding is a canvas to showcase your love story. Feel free to incorporate elements that craft an unforgettable celebration that speaks directly from within. So experiment freely, mix and match, and design an unforgettable day as unique as the journey itself.




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