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Business Ramblings – Work less, Play More

A few months ago I started a new series called Business ramblings, where I shared my thoughts on my first 4 years of business and how things have changed from the first year.  There were many points that came up from the post and many areas covered so I thought it might be a good idea to… Read more »

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Wedding Planners of the UK I need YOU!

I am interrupting the normal blogging schedule to make an announcement. Please bear with me if this post isn’t anything to do with wedding pretty, normal scheduling will resume tomorrow. As you know, as well as writing this Blog I am also a Wedding Planner. I have run my wedding planning business for 4 years now… Read more »

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3 today

Boho Weddings is 3 today…..Happy Birthday to me!

A Short personal Post this morning just to say Happy Birthday to me! Boho Weddings is 3 years old today! 3 years ago today I posted my first blog post it was pretty short but it paved the way for many, many more to follow. The last 3 years have been amazing, the blog has become something much bigger than I could ever imagine or dream of. I have learnt so much, so… Read more »



The 2012 Wedding Industry Awards: My thoughts and my own customer feedback

Say what you like about awards ceremonies, some people think they are great and others think they are just one big waste of time, but once you have been nominated for one your thoughts may change a bit. I’ve always been a bit of a doubter to be honest, there seem to be so many awards these days, some I see… Read more »