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boho birthday party

My Birthday Bash (Part 1 – The Party)

On 3rd June Nik and I held a Birthday Party for our joint 70th Birthday! and today I am very excitted as I get to share with you those photos, thanks to the very talented Jess Petrie! Nik was 30 on 2nd June and I was 40 on 7th March. As we had such a… Read more »



Birthday Party

My Birthday Party – A Sneak Peek

After a very hectic few days over this bank holiday, normal blogging will commence tomorrow but for now I just wanted to share with you a few images from Mine and Nik’s joint Birthday Party on Sunday. A massive thank you to Jess Petrie who did an amazing job taking the photos on what turned out to be a very wet, dark… Read more »

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Boho does party planning………….the first thoughts about my 40th birthday party

I’m 40 this year! there you go I said it! It’s not actually half as scary as when I turned 30, in fact it’s not scary at all, I’m actually looking forward to it! I didn’t really do much for my 30th Birthday for one reason or another I have decided that my 40th is going to be BIG! My… Read more »



Boho Christmas Party

The Big Boozy Boho Christmas Bash…..The Photos!

As It’s Boho’s 2nd Birthday today, what more perfect way to celebrate than to post the pictures from my Christmas party. If I’d realised when I was planning the Christmas party that it was my birthday 4 days after I would have made it a Birthday party as well………….oh well maybe next year???? First of all I’d like to say… Read more »

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Boho Christmas party

The Boho Christmas Bash……a sneak peak

Morning all and welcome to another week! only 2 working weeks before christmas now, so not long to go to go! Personally I am in real need for a rest so I am really looking forward to a few days off! Today I can’t resist a bit of a sneak peak! As you know I held the Big Boozy… Read more »



Booth Revolution

Photo booth fun from the Boho christmas party – courtesy of Booth Revolution

I’m so excited to show these pictures today, straight from the Boho Christmas Party on Wednesday, the shots from the photo booth are here!…Yay! I think it should be the law that every Party and wedding has some sort of photo booth, they are a great way to get your guests in the party mood, it gets them to have some fun, dress… Read more »