Clever Ways to Decorate a Reception Venue – Ideas to Inspire

In a wedding celebration, there’s no denying that the reception venue plays a crucial role. It’s more than just a place, as it sets the tone and creates an atmosphere of love and joy.
The décor you choose directly impacts this ambiance. That’s why finding clever ways to decorate your venue is so important!

From table settings to lighting, every detail matters in transforming your chosen space into something truly magical. So if you’re ready to explore some fresh ideas, keep reading to take inspiration from a few effective options as you move forward with planning that special day.

photo by Jenna Kathleen – full shoot here 

Embrace Minimalism: Less can be More

In our times, minimalism has become a hot trend for a reason. It’s all about embracing the philosophy of ‘less is more’, where each element plays a significant role. When it comes to wedding décor, this approach can create an elegant and sophisticated effect.

Here are some key aspects you should consider:

  • Choose simple but high-quality tableware: Don’t overwhelm your tables with numerous elements. Instead, opt for unique pieces that stand out.
  • Go natural with decorations: Incorporate greenery or flowers in subtle ways. Think leafy centrepieces or small bundles of lavender tied to each guest’s chair.
  • Use neutral colours: Whites, creams and pastel shades not only complement most venues but also lend themselves well to a minimalist aesthetic.

This is an example of how understated elegance never goes out of style! And while maximalism might be in keeping with your personality, for a wedding it isn’t always the best policy.

photo by  Focus Photography – full wedding here

Adding a Personal Touch: Displaying Photos on Tables

What’s more personal and heart-warming than integrating cherished memories into your wedding décor? One way to achieve this is by displaying photos on your tables. Not only does this give guests something beautiful and sentimental to admire but it also creates great conversation starters!

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose diverse images: Select pictures from different stages of your relationship, showing various facets of your journey together.
  • Mix up sizes: Opt for an array of large, medium, and small frames for visual interest.
  • Edit snaps: You can change image backgrounds if needed, perhaps using a uniform colour scheme or stylized filters for consistency across all photos you use. This can help tie together seemingly disparate pics.

This approach, while simple, can ensure that everyone present feels included in the celebration of love that marks this special day.

photo by Southern & Grace Photography – full wedding here

The Magical Effect of Lighting and How to Ace it

Lighting is the silent hero of décor that often goes unnoticed, but when done right, can dramatically transform your reception venue. Be it romantic, whimsical, or majestic – lighting sets the mood for your celebration.

Here are some inspirational ideas:

  • Fairy lights: Hang strings of fairy lights from ceiling beams or drape them over trees for a magical atmosphere.
  • Candles: Clustered pillar candles on tables or floating tea-light candles in water-filled glass bowls can create a romantic glow. You could even make your own.
  • Projection mapping: Use this technology to project images or colours onto walls and ceilings giving you endless themes to play with.

In short, lighting should not be an afterthought. It’s a crucial part of setting up the ambiance while contributing significantly in creating memorable photos, so don’t leave this decision until the last minute.

photo by Sarah Vivienne Photography – full wedding here 

Floral Arrangements That Turn Heads

Flowers are a classic touch to any wedding set-up. They breathe life into the venue and add splashes of colour, creating picture-perfect settings! But this doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional arrangements.

Here’s how you can elevate your floral décor:

  • Unique Vases: Opt for eclectic vases in varied shapes or vintage goblets for holding flowers making each table distinct.
  • Mix Flowers & Foliage: Combine roses, hydrangeas, or peonies with green leaves or ferns for a fuller look.
  • Hanging Installations: If ceiling decor is an option, go for hanging floral installations and they will serve as dramatic statements!

Flexibility and creativity are key when dealing with flowers. Dare to ditch established standards in favor of what reflects you best as a couple.

photo by  Lighthouse Photography – full wedding here

Table Linens: Dress Your Tables to Impress

Often overlooked but quietly impactful, table linens can contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic of your reception venue. From rustic-themed burlap runners to satin overlays for a royal feel, the options are endless.

Here are some tips on how you might want to choose your linens:

  • Texture and Colour: Opt for fabrics that align with your wedding theme. If your setting is minimalistic, go vibrant with colours or vice versa.
  • Layering: Don’t shy away from layering different textures and patterns, as it adds depth and interest to your tablescaping efforts.
  • Napkins: Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. This small detail can upscale the look dramatically.

While linen selection may seem like a minor detail in planning décor, it plays an integral role in imparting elegance to the entire venue. Every little thing counts towards making this day memorable.

photo by  J. Michelle Photography – full wedding shoot here 

Incorporate Interactive Decorations for Engagement & Fun

Take your wedding décor a notch higher by incorporating interactive elements. Yes, decorations that not only look good but also engage your guests! This makes the whole experience more memorable and fun.

Here’s how:

  • Photo Booths: Set up a booth with funky props where guests can snap selfies that will be a keepsake of the fun memories created at your wedding.
  • Guestbook Table: Create a designated area as an ‘interactive station’ where guests can leave you messages or anecdotes to reminisce over later.
  • DIY Centrepieces: Why not add an element of creativity? Have jars filled with origami papers and instruction cards on tables, and let attendees make their own centrepiece throughout the evening.

Weddings are about celebrating love and happiness together. So why not keep everyone engaged in doing just that?

photo by Tramontina Wedding Stories – full wedding here


Your wedding reception venue sets the stage for one of the most memorable days of your life. With these clever decoration ideas, you’re not just improving aesthetics but also showcasing a bit of yourself within each choice you make. So, go ahead – plan, decorate and celebrate in style!



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