Diary of a Boho Bride – Kerry & Jon. Entry 4: Venue Decoration

diary of a boho bride

It’s Friday aftenoon, one step closer to the weekend everyone! That means we have another instalment of Diary of a Boho Bride. Today we are back with the lovely Kerry and John. In the last instalment Kerry talked about Flowers and DIY. For installment 4 Kerry is going to chat about the all important venue decoration, her ideas her DIY hopes and her end goal.

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I’ll hand you over to Kerry…

All has been quiet wedding planning this month, maybe it’s the calm before the storm and everything is suddenly going to hit me at once – is it even possible to have a quiet period during planning?
Even so, my head is in a constant spin of what next for our big day. One thing that is constantly on my mind is colour schemes and decorating the venue. I find myself wondering who notices all the effort you put in and does it actually make a difference to your day. Why do we theme our weddings, does it really show our personalities or is it a matter of we must do so?
I love decorated venues that show tonnes of love and attention to detail. In fact, I want nothing more, it’s just the undue pressure I currently feel to make it meet what I think is everyone’s expectations. So I guess it’s a mind over matter issue and just do what you want to do, which exactly what I plan on doing.

So should we go all out and hire someone to decorate for us or go down a DIY route and enlist family, friends, and neighbours, basically anyone that is willing to help??

Venue Dressing

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The trouble is, there are so many decorations I love and the majority of them involve DIY projects. I’m beginning to think that a mixture of professional help and some much loving detailed pieces made from home.
Armed with a glue gun, plenty of burlap, lace, jars and pretty printed paper, I’m going to attempt lots of DIY projects to decorate our venue.


Present DIY list involves making:

  • Burlap & Lace Jars
  • Chalk Painted Jars
  • Mini Milk Bottle Decorating
  • Vintage Suitcase Up-Cycle to a Card Drop Box
  • Giant Paper Flowers
  • Paper Flower Garlands
  • Ceiling Hanging Paper Flower Balls
  • Fabric Photo Booth Backdrop
  • Cake Table Props

Venue Dressing Image 3 sourceImage 4 source

I’m pretty sure more will find it’s way onto the list, for now this is plenty to get started with and I can’t wait.
Our reception venue is a relaxed countryside bar and restaurant, which is exactly why we love it. We don’t want to take too much away from that, aiming to thoughtfully decorate, creating a fun and relaxing feel for guests of all ages.
First on my DIY hit list are paper flower garlands, if all works out well, I’ll share a tutorial to show you how to make them at home. They’re a really pretty alternative to bunting, which I’m planning to hang above the cake table and around the venue. I’ve not used a glue gun since school, so there maybe some glued fingers and thumbs.
I’m really excited about making the Paper Flower Balls, they look nice and easy to make. I came across these when I was looking at hanging pom pom lanterns, whilst these are pretty, I really wanted something different and I think these might just be it!
I love vintage accessories, so they’ll be plenty of these dotted about in certain areas. This is where my beloved vintage suitcases and Polaroid camera come in, plus I’ve been lucky enough to borrow the most beautiful vintage typewriter. These are going to look gorgeous set out in their special places for the day.
It’s difficult to get across in words how I imagine everything to look, hopefully the pictures do it more justice and everything will come together on the day.
I’ll keep you up to date with the DIY projects and let you know how to do them where I can.

Venue Dressing Image 5 source

Much Love

Kerry & Jon xx



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