Shabby Chic Décor Inspiration for the Perfect Boho Wedding

This afternoon it’s about Shabby Chic Decoration ideas as the guys from Baytree Interiors give us a few ideas of ways to add a bit fo ‘Shabby Chic’ to your wedding day.

I do talk about DIY weddings a lot on the blog, and the regular DIY Tutorials are very popular BUT sometimes you can’t DIY everything, so it’s good to know where you can buy those little extras so you can mix and match with your homemade items.


I’ll pass the Blog over to Lucy from Baytree Interiors………….

‘There is often nothing more personal or intimate than a wedding day filled with little details that both the happy couple and their loved ones have helped create to make the venue look extra special, and that’s not to mention money saved off the budget! When you’re planning one of the most important days of your life, it can be hard to not get swept up in unnecessary details that can send the budget out of control, not to mention a day that doesn’t necessarily reflect your style as a couple.
Of course it’s not always practical to make everything, but using a mixture of items sourced from online boutiques and your own handy work can easily make for a budget friendly day to remember.
Non-perishable items left over are perfect for keepsakes or gifts for loved ones long after the big day is over!’


Shabby Chic décor

items above available from www.baytree-interiors.co.uk


1)      Photo strings are a really nice idea for a decoration with a difference and bring that extra personal touch to a wedding venue. Add mini photos of the happy couple or family and friends which can be kept long after the day is over! – Photo String £8

Shabby Chic décor



2)      Hanging love hearts make an excellent alternative to bunting, creating a cute vintage vibe. Hanging love Hearts £8

Shabby Chic décor

3)      A sweet wooden box situated near the wedding book can be a really nice touch. Leave some pretty notepaper and pencils nearby so guests can write little notes to the happy couple or pop any Polaroid shots of the big day for keepsakes. Heart Box £10

Shabby Chic décor



4)      Lanterns are great for creating soft lighting once the sun goes down.  If you’re lucky enough to be having your reception in a garden with large trees, try hanging them from the branches with string or coloured ribbons for an enchanted forest look. Bamboo Hanging Tea Light Holder £18

Shabby Chic décor



5)      Use a decorative easel to rest your seating plan on for an elegant but arty touch. You can get as creative a you like by making your own board or use a vintage mirror and stick on  pieces of pretty parchment with your guests names on to map out where everyone is sitting. Solid brass Easel £38

Shabby Chic décor



6)      Use tea light holders as part of your table decorations. Wooden boxes with heart cut outs or old jam jars painted with glass paint are great for a rustic homemade feel.


7)      Cheat and purchase some beautifully realistic bay trees to decorate your wedding venue if you’re a little short on greenery. Decorate with fresh flowers for the day and then keep forever after the event. Sourcing a good quality artificial tree and putting them in your own pots will mean no-one will even notice they aren’t real! 4ft Laurel Tree in Pot £50

Shabby Chic décor



8)      For a fun but traditional feel, consider buying some wooden card and dominos set for each table that will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but entertain both adults and kids alike. They even make nice gifts for loved ones as wedding favours or Christmas presents. Wooden Box with Cards, Dice and Dominos £6 – £36

Shabby Chic décor



9)      Consider using drawstring canvas bags to put wedding favours in for your guests. You could even make your own and write or embroider guests’ names on to double up as place names. Alternatively you could fill with rose petals or rice for eco-friendly confetti! Bonheur Heart Drawstring Bag £4

Shabby Chic décor



Thanks Lucy! I hope you can find something suitable for your wedding on this great site, there is so much to choose from!



Written by Lucy Hunt, an interior design enthusiast currently working on behalf of Baytree Interiors – suppliers of shabby chic gifts, soft furnishings and garden furniture.



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