Ask The Experts: Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

Your journey to find true love took you to none other than the top romantic place- Italy. Venice, Florence, or Rome, you name a city, and it is synonymous with romance. That’s the reason why a wedding in Italy is also among the top boho wedding destinations.
Despite that, planning a wedding in Italy is a roller coaster ride. From deciding on a venue and inviting guests to legalize the marriage, and filing for citizenship, there are several things you need to take care of.

Thankfully, the professionals at mbersanilaw.com are here to help you. They can aid in availing Italian citizenship by marriage. They can explain the marriage requirements and qualifications so that you and your partner can spend the rest of your time in this romantic country.
As for the other wedding tasks at hand, we’re here to help you. Below are five things you need to consider when planning a “Boho” wedding in Italy.

“Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beat as one.” -Friedrich Halm.

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

Photo by Martina Boggian – full wedding here

Wedding Venue

When you are going with a bohemian theme, outdoor venues become the ideal location. Depending on how minimalist or grand you want this event to be, you can select the nearby park, backyard, or even beach as the venue.
However, when hosting a wedding outdoors, it is important to check the weather forecast. You don’t want your guests getting drenched and the location muddy. Make sure the weather is not extremely sunny or wet before you decide on a date. Always plan for an alternative location in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

Note: If you select the venue as a nearby park, make sure to get the required permissions from local authorities.

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

photo by Franceco Caroli.– full wedding here

Wedding Gown

The bride’s wedding gown must speak for the boho theme. Go for a dress with flowing lines, relaxed style, spaghetti straps, or backless. Similarly, dresses with lace work, leg slits, and a heart neckline look elegant.
As for the accessories, the bride can wear a hippie headband or flower crown matching the colour palette of the wedding décor. She can also style her hair with beachy waves or put it in a bun to match the boho vibe.

Tip: Talk to your hairstylist and make-up artists, so they can work in sync and make you look stunning for the Day.

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

photo by Serena Genovese – full wedding here 

Wedding Decoration

How well you decorate the venue can make or break the theme of your big day. When you are going for a bohemian theme, the only limit you may encounter is creativity. There are numerous natural elements that you can use to make the venue look mesmerizing.
Mix and match flowers, feathers, pearls, wood, and whatnot with the selected colour palette for a sophisticated yet chic wedding. Aside from the aisle décor, the dining and sitting area must also match the theme.
Nevertheless, make sure not to go overboard with the décor elements. Provide space for your venue to shine. For instance, use sunsets, seashells, and trees to make the décor stand out.

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

photo by Michael Cosenza – full shoot here 

Wedding Music

From jazz to swing music, there are a variety of classical music options that you can select from. It will help create a romantic ambiance.
As you are in Italy, consider using folk music of the country, such as pizzica or Naples, or include instruments such as tambourines, mandolin, and accordion. It will make the reception lively and fun. You can even hire a live band for the same purpose.

Tip: To infuse romance, you can even perform a dance or sing a song for your partner.

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

photo by Francesca Francesca – full wedding here 

Wedding Vows

Finally and most importantly, let’s talk about your wedding vows. As you are getting married to an Italian, you can make the vows memorable by speaking in Italian. Make these vows as personalized as possible by adding affectionate words, inside jokes, and things you love about your partner.
These will be the symbol of your love and respect for your partner, so take your time in writing these down. Believe it or not, all the efforts you’ll make here will be worth it when your partner expresses their feelings for you with “I Do.”

Planning A Boho Wedding In Italy: 5 Things To Consider

photo by  Benni and Carol – full wedding here



When you are getting married to a person outside of your home country, there are an array of things that you need to take into consideration. We hope this short guide will help you streamline the set tasks, ensuring your wedding planning works flawlessly. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the theme, music, décor, venue, and more are only the elements of an extravagant marriage. It will be love, respect, and admiration for each other that’ll make this event the best time of your life.





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