Ask The Experts: Getting Married Abroad – The Definitive Guide

Destination weddings are BIG! I have been writing this blog for 10 years now and I have to say I am seeing even more destination weddings landing in my in box. Is it a question of budget? As getting married in another country can sometimes be cheaper then getting married in the UK? Is it a need for guaranteed sunshine? After all holding, an outdoor wedding in this country often comes with it’s risks. Whatever the reason, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. For this reason I have invited Noemi Bellante: www.noemibellante.com onto the blog to talk all things Destination weddings. From choosing the right ceremony to the benefits of choosing another country to get married in, Noemi is a first class wedding planner, so knows all the ins and outs and tricks of the trade!

Getting married abroad: the definitive guide – Tips and tricks to plan your wedding abroad.

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“There are several reasons we help more and more couples celebrate their weddings abroad – explains Noemi Bellante, Wedding Planner Tuscany and Italy

1) The desire for some intimacy with closer relatives and friends

2) The beauty of something never seen before

3) The will to go back to the native country of their families

Noemi says: “I consider destination wedding a romantic love escape for two. Getting married away from home means celebrating in an intimate atmosphere just with a few close relatives/friends and sometimes it’s a smart way to cut costs as well!”


Tying the knot abroad also means choosing the ceremony type considering the paperwork required: “Let’s clarify that there are three possible types of ceremonies abroad” as illustrated by Noemi:

The types of Ceremonies 

  • Symbolic ceremony: The marriage hasn’t any legal validity and not need any documents as it is a romantic promise of love between the spouses. It is also perfect to celebrate an anniversary or to renew the wedding vows.
  • Civil ceremony: The marriage has legal validity when it is celebrated by a local authority, following the laws of the spouses’ country which must not be in conflict with the ones of the destination country. Those who choose this ceremony type, have to contact the Consulate and local authorities to find out all the rules and paperwork required.
  • Catholic ceremony: In addition to the civil ceremony, spouses can get married with the catholic one at the destination country: the marriage will be held in a different diocese from one’s own but it will be always celebrated by a Catholic priest. In this case, spouses also need the authorisation from the priest of their own diocese, the baptismal and confirmation certificates and the marriage preparation course certificate.

Noemi says: “Getting married abroad with a civil/catholic ceremony is not as difficult as it seems but everything must be prepared in advance as it will take at least 3 or 4 months for the various practices. If the bureaucratic process scares you, choose a symbolic marriage or ask for help from a destination wedding planner who will assist you with all the paper work!”



“Whatever is the reason you are considering to get married abroad, I suggest you  hire a Destination Wedding Planner who works in the country you chose for your  wedding.” – concludes Noemi – “A wedding planner helps you save money and time because they have several entrusted vendors who they regularly use, all of which will fit your tastes, needs and budget!”

A Destination Wedding Planner is also useful for three main points.

1) Site inspections – The plan of a wedding starts with site inspections at the venues you like most and other inspections will be necessary for the design phase in months leading up the wedding. A Destination Wedding Planner will guide you in your choices and highlight the strengths/weaknesses of each venue to realize the wedding you have in your mind.

2) Design – Give importance to memories and emotions: choose the full wedding planning package to get inspired and have a personalized project about the whole setting-up. An accurate project is very important to define the style of your wedding and take care of each detail: your destination wedding planner will share the project with the other vendors involved in the stylistic aspect and everybody will have clear what you want and what to do to make it real.

3) Wedding day – A destination wedding planner will be by your side you for the whole wedding day to coordinate each vendor and phase so that everything goes as planned. Its work normally starts from the day before to set-up the venues with her vendors as projected and finishes when your guests left.

When celebrations are over, don’t forget to give a copy of the marriage certificate to your Consulate/Embassy which is in the country where the ceremony took place: once legalised, the deed will be automatically forwarded to the civil status officer in the town of residence of the newlyweds.

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