Bridal Style: Wedding Dress Fabrics: A Complete Guide

Choosing your wedding dress can be an absolute mind filed. So many tings to think about from the style to the time of year and also the venue. But what about what the dress is made of, the fabric! In what seems like a different life time, I worked as a dress designer. I spent 10 years of my life around fabrics, cutting sewing and generally loving the difference that each roll of wedding dress fabric could bring to an outfit. So today I am here to tell you about the different options that each fabric will give you. Some fabrics are good for the summer months, and some are better for winter. Some are straight and bold, while others are soft and delicate. In this complete guide to wedding dress fabrics, I’ve compiled my favourite wedding gown fabrics (and embellishments, too! ), plus styling tips for shopping! I hope you find it useful.



The transparency and sheerness of chiffon make it a popular option for overlays, layers, or accent details. The matte fabric is made from woven silk or rayon and has an ethereal vibe that’s perfect for boho brides. Due to its light structure, it’s a great spring or summer wedding option, while its weightless appearance makes it perfect for light, flowing silhouettes. Although delicate, the fabric can be easily snagged, pulled or frayed.


The transparent fabric is lightweight and soft. It usually comes in an overlay or veil form. The embodiment of a sophisticated garden celebration, this material is perfect for spring or summer.

photo by Theel Wedding Productions – full shot here 


Having a smooth finish, this material is very crisp. It’s great in the fall, but it works year-round. Taffeta is never a good thing in excess, but some wedding gowns look great with a touch of it. Regardless, it’s lovely.


With its rough texture, this fabric has an organic, raw aesthetic. This silk is full-bodied and keeps its shape well, making it great for ballgowns and more voluminous dresses. You can wear it all year long.

photo by  Ali Lockery Photography. – full wedding here 


You’re familiar with tulle. This is like a net of fabric you’re more likely to see under a ball gown skirt. Usually used for tutus, it’s not the most elegant fabric for a wedding. You can wear it under a dress to give it some body, and it’s very affordable. Because it’s light but can appear heavier than it is, you can wear it all year round.


The gauzy, crinkled texture of crepe is perfect for flowing silhouettes. You can wear it to accentuate curves or in stark, minimalist designs – even a bridal jumpsuit. Dresses with simple shapes, like mermaids or A-lines, are classics. You can wear this fabric all year long.



The weight and elegance of this fabric make it unsuitable for the summer heat. On a wedding dress, this fabric gives you a timeless and elegant look. This is usually used on drapes and furniture that are upscale.


Almost any fabric can be made with polyester, which is synthetic and affordable. It’s wrinkle-resistant and less delicate than silk, so it’s a popular alternative. It can be worn all year, but it’s not very breathable in summer so it can get uncomfortable. There’s a quality to the fabric, and it’s durable.

photo by  Filblanc – full wedding here 


There’s a lot of interest in this fabric, and it’s beautiful. Sadly, it is easily damaged by warm weather. It’s less likely to happen in cooler months, so we recommend it more. There’s something strikingly elegant about this classic, original material.
Luxury wedding dress stores typically sell dresses made of silk. The smooth, soft fabric is often used for high-end garments. If you’re interested in a silk dress, be sure to shop in the cooler months and be mindful of how easily the fabric can be damaged.


The waffle-weave exterior makes this knit fabric stand out. Though it’s on the heavier side of the spectrum, its cutesy vibe translates well in spring and summer. It lends itself to a structured look and crisp styles.

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Velvet is soft and thick with a felted face. Because of its heavy weight, it’s perfect for winter and fall celebrations. Natural royal aesthetics and a vintage feel come naturally from this exquisite material.


It’s OK to feel that this material has been around for many years, but don’t let that keep you away from using it. The right way to use it can make it one of the most sophisticated fabrics. Because it’s heavy, it’s not something you should wear during the summer. The fabric is tightly-woven, and you cannot see the diagonal lines without looking at it closely.

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The best fabric for bridesmaid dresses. Light and flattering on most body types, it’s not clingy or unforgiving. Its popularity comes from how well it photographs. The weave pattern is subtle, but it’s got a silky feel.


With its sheer and light nature, organza is perfect for weddings in warm weather because of its structured silhouette. The fabric is usually silk and has a smooth finish. In veils, ballgowns and trains, it adds fullness without adding weight to the gown. Embrace the romance with this whimsical, frothy take on enchanted garden celebrations.

photo by Samantha Brooke Photography – full wedding here 


Many brides like this fabric because it’s very heavy with silk and taffeta mixed in. Stylish and elegant, this material has a natural wavy design. You barely notice it until you’re close to it.


It’s lightweight, breathable, and semi-transparent, and it’s made from cotton or wool. You can wear it to an informal wedding because of its casual look. Flowy styles without much structure will love this fabric’s natural drape.

photo by Martin Wilk – full wedding here


Now that you’ve read this article, hopefully, some things are clearer. Now it’s time to find the perfect wedding dress with the right fabric. Happy hunting!





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    Very helpful blog and is very well explained,
    And also you made it amazing and easy to read by highlighting and adding subtitles.
    It was an awesome blog that helped me gain much knowledge.


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