Bianca and Alejandro’s 2 Day Mexican Boho Beach Wedding by Martin Wilk

Today I have the most gorgeous Mexican wedding for you in two parts. Bianca and Alejandro both live in the USA but decided on Akiin Tulum in Mexico, so they could incorporate both their Mexican and their Brazilian cultures. They decided on a two day wedding, day one was the traditional Mayan ceremony, which was intimate, spiritual and just gorgeous. While day two was their larger more traditional beach wedding, which was the most wonderful day but interrupted mid ceremony with a torrential downpour! Everything about these two weddings is just incredible. The couple themselves are so beautiful, the location is jaw dropping, the decoration is sublime, I just adore everything about it. Huge thanks to Martin Wilk for these stunning photos.

Sacred and genuine

Bianca and Alejandro held two weddings, their Mayan Ceremony 1st December 2021 and their Beach Wedding on 2nd December 2021 at Akiin Tulum. ‘I am Brazilian and my husband is Mexican but we both live in the USA. We found that Mexico was the perfect place to make it accessible and affordable for our guests from the three countries. Mexico is also the place where my husband was born and grew up and that we love very much. We had 5 guests for the Mayan ceremony and 90 guests for the beach wedding, it took a year to plan.’

How they met 
We met on a dating app after we both immigrated to the USA. I didn’t have any family in the US so Alex quickly became my best friend and strongest supporter. Our first date was at the beach, we looked at the stars together. For this reason as well we wanted to get married at the beach. We’ve been together for 4 years.

The proposal
Alex told me he wanted to go for a hike in this cool spot here in CA called Vasquez Rocks, I was very lazy that day but he insisted. When we got there I asked him to take a few pictures of me and when I turned back he was already at his knees, I said yes!

How did you allocate your budget?
We set priorities. Definitely venue was no. 1, food no. 2. We figured if we could find a cool spot we wouldn’t need to spend a lot on extravagant and excessive decorations. I think we found a good balance, we were definitely very happy in the end.

Where did you splurge and where did you save?
Aside from dining and location, I did splurge on the wedding dress. I wanted something I could keep forever and re-tailor for other occasions. We saved on a few extras that we wanted on the beginning on the decorations and performances.

How did you choose your photographer?
Our wedding planning team did a great job putting together a great selection of photographers and videographers for us but Martin’s work definitely stood out from the rest.

The dress 
Dress: Rue de Seine. Accessories: Hand made by a friend. Beach wedding, no shoes!

The suit and bridesmaids
Alex searched everywhere for a light suit but couldn’t find any so he got it custom tailored by Suits & Supply. We did not have any bridesmaids or best-men.

Theme or colour scheme
Boho and warm neutrals

Anthuriums, roses, dried flowers, pampas grass, orchids, etc

Seating lounges, big flower ring, candles, hanging lights, photo wall, etc

We had about 6 courses with different plates based on local and Yucatan cuisine. We decided to have smaller portions but more courses so guests could try a bit of everything.

Wedding cake
I’ve found a great Brazilian pastry chef in Cancun who was able to make my favourite childhood sweets and the best Brazilian style wedding cake. It was so fun and special to handle “bem-casados” (which translates to “well-married”) which are little sponge cakes filled with dulce de leche that is a tradition in weddings in Brazil for guests to take home.

Our dear friend, Alessio, DJ mr. sexybeats and Mariachi

Who supplied the stationery?
All decorations/Flowers supplied by KL Design events.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Since we decided for a destination wedding, we stayed a little longer in Tulum and travelled through the Riviera Maya.

Personal touches
Yes! I’m an interior designer and was really involved on the overall layout of the event and I’ve designed the graphics for our seating chart. It was so fun to be part of it.

Special moments
The most traumatizing but also something memorable and fun that we keep: it poured rain right on our ceremony at the beach. I was so sad because the first time that I walked in a lot of our guests didn’t make it on time (Tulum’s roads are rough, there’s a lot of traffic!). We had to interrupt the ceremony due to the rain but everyone made it to the 2nd attempt, it was very emotional to walk again and see everyone there.

Advice for other couples
If you’re getting married outdoors, just embrace mother nature. We cannot control it, whatever it comes, it comes and the simple fact of having your significant other, friends and family celebrating with you is a blessing. Some people could’ve thought that rain ruined our day and one year of planning, it didn’t. It taught us a lesson, that no matter how much planning and stress goes the important thing is to enjoy the process and let it be.

Biggest surprise
The rain




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