What is a Boho Wedding and How to Have It?

Here on the blog I talk about Bohemian weddings A LOT!! As you can probably guess I LOVE the bohemian style and when it comes to weddings it really is my favourite theme. But Boho isn’t just visual, it is a way of thinking, a vibe. Being free-spirited, and bringing the Boho way of life into your wedding. You may be reading this because you plan on adding some bohemian flair to your special day. If so, then there are numerous options for you to pick. Since the late 1960s, the Bohemian style has undoubtedly evolved into a more extravagant fashion that every soon-to-be-married couple can incorporate into their wedding day.
Whether you want to mix various hippie and bohemian influences on your look and venue, you can focus on putting rustic and vintage elements with natural and earthy tones together. Learn more about what constitutes a Boho wedding and how to have one yourself here:

What is a Boho Wedding and How to Have It?


What is a Boho Wedding?

Bohemian stands for a free-spirited lifestyle and activities. The boho trend started emerging around the 2000s, with influences from both the 60s and 70s. It is all about the artistic expression of the self, and even if you don’t identify with a hippie-inspired lifestyle, you can still allow your unique tastes to manifest in your bohemian-themed wedding!
But if having a Coachella-esque wedding theme is a bit intimidating for you, remember that you are allowed to step out of your comfort zone. That’s what bohemian is all about! You only have to make your wedding your own.
If you’re more of a free-spirited couple, you might be interested in eclectic decor for a whimsical wedding program. But if you’re into following a structure, incorporating macramé might work for you. If you’re in Queensland or anywhere nearby and want to have a memorable boho wedding, try looking at the best Wedding Venues Brisbane has to offer.

photo by  Imogen Eve Photography – full shoot here

How to Plan a Boho Wedding?

Whether you want to hold a fun and informal wedding or a classic, feminine one, the bohemian style will always be the way to go! The whole essence of this style all boils down to being chic, effortless, and perpetual. Below is a guide for you to start planning your dream bohemian wedding. Also, if you are interested, here you may find jobs for a wedding planner assistant.

The Music Always Sets the Tone

The vibe for a Boho Wedding is set with not only good, but thematically-relevant music.  You can end up disappointed with a generic dj or band with little experience in that classy boho vibe. Research the music entertainment company and strongly consider live instrumentation to either complement or replace the DJ.  Fiddlersdreammusic.com and many other entertainment groups specialize in these types of classy receptions

photo by Maria Madison Photography – full shoot here

Embrace Nature

A bohemian wedding is all about blending with your natural surroundings and letting Mother Nature do its wonders. It is best to have your altar on evergreen wood or have it decorated with lush succulents and natural leaves. Seize as much natural ambiance as you can with your reception rather than holding your wedding ceremony indoors.

photo by Mandee Johnson Photography – full wedding here

Choose Contemporary, Yet a Rustic Venue

If it’s a hassle to have your boho wedding in the serene countryside, you can find rustic venues with a modern appearance. Search for wedding houses for hire that offer refined settings but still offer a warm and relaxing ambiance. White linen draperies, parquet floor, and redwood seats, bare brick walls, and intricate chandeliers may be the ones you’re looking for.
Chandeliers may also exceed your budget and may not achieve the boho look you are going for, so why not try custom neon signs instead. Neon signs are not only affordable but can also be designed to your specifications and your wedding style,  making your wedding more unique.

photo by Lena and Patrick – full wedding here

Lace the House Down

It is in the details that make an entire wedding mesmerizing. A lace bridal gown may be a bit traditional for you, so, instead, add a few dainty lace accessories that will make you stand out while walking in the aisle. For example, you may opt for lace sleeves, a delicate lace headband, and put lace strap bows on the seats for a more decorative venue detail. For the wedding reception, add lace wedding tablecloths for wedding table runners to accent your tablescape. Mix and match lace with chiffon or lamour satin fabric. You can also add faux pampas grass or greeneries to decorate your table setting.


Be Bold and Funky

White weddings are overrated! Show your bohemian, hippie nature by wearing a Lilliputian bridal dress or a quirky crochet dress. Who said brides could only wear white, long gowns on their wedding days? Be brave to show your artistic side by incorporating shows of red and purple hues into this eccentric style.
Another thing to consider about wedding outfits is the shoes. It doesn’t always have to be glittery heels and leathery shoes. However, if you have a fantastic pair of heels and shoes with floral details on them, wear them. Be as bold and funky as you can; it’s your wedding, after all.


Burlap Realness

Whether you like it or not, burlap still stands among the most favorable material when it comes to bohemian weddings. Though this piece of fabric is commonly seen as table cloths, napkins, and wraps for forks and knives, burlaps are actually versatile. Want to make decorations for your venue more stylish, sophisticated, rustic? Drape burlaps on it!
It has a lot of variations. Burlaps can come as ribbons. You may then use this to style up your ceremony arch or make it a common theme in your venue. You can also make vibrant flower boutonnieres out of this fabric, with fresh red roses in it. Finally, hang flower decors using a burlap of playful colors to add a whimsical personality to your special day.

Photo by Nicola Gough – full wedding here


Planning your dream wedding takes upright diligence and deliberate organization. Bohemian wedding decorations and accessories only represent a part of what the ceremony is all about; the shared love of the bride and groom. With this guide on having a boho wedding, celebrate your dream of spending your life with the person you love the most.







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