Ask The Experts: Mid-Week Weddings, Sustainable Materials, and Other Trends for the Bohemian Bride

Brides-to-be, if you’ve already started planning your wedding, you know how complex and frankly stressful the whole process can be; if you haven’t, well, you’ve been warned. We’re (mostly) kidding, of course – planning a wedding is, first and foremost, an exciting and wonderful adventure – but there are indeed a lot of things to consider and coordinate.

To name a few: you have to decide on a budget and actually stick to it (much easier said than done!), figure out your guest list, select the venue, pick the wedding dress, and more.
The good news is, when you’re planning a boho wedding, things are much easier. This is because, for one, there are so many ways to pull off this free-spirited aesthetic, and two, you don’t need a huge budget to have a fun, gorgeous boho wedding.

To help you plan the wedding of your dreams, we’ve rounded up some new and exciting boho and rustic wedding trends that are all about expressing love and authentic personality through this eclectic style. From eco-friendly décor to non-traditional venues to mid-week weddings, there are so many wonderful ideas to make your special day beautiful, sustainable, and frugal.


Mid-Week Weddings

Weddings are usually planned for weekends, it’s true, but who says you have to stick to this (expensive) tradition? Mid-week weddings have been gaining popularity in recent years for several reasons, including their affordability, and luckily for us, they also perfectly align with the bohemian spirit, which is all about rejecting the constraints of tradition while embracing individuality.

If you choose to have a midweek wedding, not only can you snag discounts on venue rentals and other services, but you’ll also have more flexibility in securing your dream location.

For example, if you exchange your vows on a Wednesday or Thursday, you may be able to secure your absolute dream venue at a fraction of the cost, a venue that you mightn’t otherwise be able to afford. As a bonus, a mid-week celebration, such as one on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, just feels more personal than a standard Saturday one.

Another plus for a midweek affair? Your guests are bound to appreciate the opportunity to break away from their routine and celebrate love in the middle of the week. Just be sure to give them plenty of notice so they can plan accordingly!


Sustainable Materials

Did you know that an average wedding will produce anywhere between 400 to 600 pounds of trash? True boho weddings embrace sustainable and eco-friendly materials as they not only reduce a wedding’s carbon footprint but also add a unique charm to the celebration. And with the global push towards sustainability, this trend is becoming more and more popular in all types of weddings, but especially boho and rustic.

Best of all, there are countless ways to minimize waste while maximizing style. For example, why not use recycled paper for your wedding invitations? Or opt for locally grown flowers or even wildflowers instead of ordering gigantic, highly polished flower arrangements that are just going to stick out like a sore thumb anyway?

It’s worth noting that while sustainable weddings are on the rise, eco-friendliness has always been a part of authentic boho weddings. Mason jars, vintage bottles, potted plant centerpieces, and reclaimed wood accents not only add rustic charm to the celebration but actually make it greener.


Unique Venues

Anyone who says you need to have a wedding in a grand church or banquet hall has never seen a beautiful boho wedding. More and more couples are opting for non-traditional wedding venues, such as rustic barns, vineyards, and beaches, because they both provide the perfect backdrop for a boho wedding and tend to be cheaper than traditional ballrooms.

For example, if you and your partner love nature, why not have the ceremony at a botanical garden? The lush, vibrant greenery and colorful floral displays can add a touch of romance and whimsy to your special day, making it unforgettable.

Farm and barn venues make for ever-popular boho wedding locations, so if you’re aiming for rustic elegance, barn venues are your safe choices. On the other hand, if you want something a little more free-spirited, consider exchanging vows on a beach or in a woodland setting.

By opting for a non-traditional wedding venue, you can not only save quite a bit of money but, perhaps more importantly, add a touch of personality and rustic elegance to your wedding day.


Boho Fashion

Boho style is all about effortless elegance and individuality, and this year’s trends – fluid fabrics, floral airy dresses, and balloon sleeves – couldn’t be more bohemian if they tried (what a departure from the minimalist style!).

A bohemian bride looking to exude individuality and style should embrace a flowing silhouette that effortlessly skims the body and allows her to dance the night away with ease. A lovely dress in your favorite color, combined with some DIY or handcrafted pieces such as embroidered motifs or a flower crown, will make you look like an ethereal goddess.

Of course, jewelry matters, too. And here, the choices are plenty: layer dainty necklaces adorned with nature-inspired charms, stack eclectic bracelets, adorn your fingers with intricate rings; as long as you pick meaningful jewelry and mix and match for a unique look, you’re guaranteed to look like a perfect boho bride.

Still not decided on your ring? The rose gold engagement ring has become a favorite choice among bohemian brides for its romantic allure and vintage charm. Its warm hue and unique yet timeless look perfectly complements the earthy tones and natural elements of bohemian weddings.


Interactive, Personalized Experiences

A great and rather trendy way to elevate your wedding day is by incorporating personalized and interactive elements that engage and delight (or tear up, the choice is yours!) your guests. From DIY flower crown stations to live acoustic performances, there are so many fantastic ways to create unforgettable moments for your loved ones.

The key thing to remember here is that personalization is everything. For example, if you want a DIY cocktail bar, why not create drinks inspired by your favourite flavours that hold special significance to you as a couple?

Vintage photo booths are another super-popular option. They’re not terribly expensive yet allow you to capture candid moments in an old-fashioned way that you and your guests are guaranteed to appreciate more than digital photos years down the line.

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