Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

The wedding planning process can be intense from beginning to end. Checklists help couples stay organized while planning, however these can often only offer traditional ideas. If you want to make your wedding day a memorable one then you need to think outside the box! By adding in some fun ideas that are creative and personal to you, your guests will go away with great memories of a fun filled wedding day. Transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience with a few simple ideas!

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

photo by Paisley Sunshine Photography – full wedding here

1. Dare To Be Different

Choose an unconventional venue to host the wedding. Weddings are typically held in city halls, churches or event spaces, which can be pricey and are often overrated. Why not hold the wedding somewhere special to the betrothed, like a local park? Breweries, libraries, train stations or aquariums are other unique spots to host a wedding. Outdoor spaces provide gorgeous natural scenery that can minimize needed décor and make the event stand out.

It’s relatively cheap to rent an outdoor space like a park for a few hours for an event, so it will likely maximize the wedding budget, killing two birds with one stone. Adventurous couples can have their event on top of a mountain, on their favourite hiking trail or underneath a waterfall for some extra adventure. Ensure to provide blankets or other items for guests to protect themselves from the elements depending on the weather.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Photo by  Kae Photography – full wedding here

2. Get Creative With the Menu

From drinks to desserts, creating a menu for weddings can be exhaustive. Get creative with the food options provided at the reception. There are so many options to choose from like having a barbeque theme or pot luck. Everyone can include a dish they’ll bring on their RSVP and the bride and groom can supply prepared meat.

Or, consider renting a food truck for the entrée or simply just for desserts. Food trucks are a fun and inventive way to make the menu interactive–people can order when they want. They’re also an excellent way to reduce waste since extra food won’t have to be thrown out. Taco bars, fruit platters and charcuterie boards are also excellent menu ideas for weddings that are inexpensive and offer various options for guests to choose from and eat when they wish.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

photo by Lauren McCormick Photography – full wedding here

3. Create a Unique Guest Book

Guest books are often thrown in a drawer or closet and forgotten about for years. Rather than having a traditional guest book, think of fun and inventive ways to create a keepsake to cherish every day. Anything that can be written on can turn into a guest book of sorts. Think oversized Jenga, a wooden bench or even a wooden pallet. Give guests creative freedom to write or draw what they want and provide a jar of sharpies for them to use.

A photo booth is another option that prompts guests to leave one of their photos in the guest book to turn into a keepsake. Polaroids are also a fabulous option for a guest book. Give guests index cards to write a little note for the newlyweds next to the photo they take and place in a book, box or on a sign. Suggest that guests leave pearls of wisdom or funny quotes or sayings that the couple can read later.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Photo by Meche Ausina Photography – full wedding here 

4. Have a Flower Guy

Kids can be hard to predict, depending on their age. Having a screaming flower girl right before they’re supposed to walk down the aisle is never fun. Flower guys are an excellent way to avoid such disasters, but they can steal the show. Flower guys are all the rage since the trend went viral on TikTok in 2021.

They provide entertainment and evoke laughter from the guests that can ease the bride’s nerves before walking down the aisle. Flower guys are a fun way to ensure guests never forget what they encountered at this event. Other unconventional flower girl ideas include having grandparents or friends throw flower petals as they walk down the aisle. Think outside the box and personalize the wedding party, which includes the ring bearer and flower girl.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Photo by IVS Photography – full wedding here 

5. Provide Late Snacks

Receptions tend to be so much fun that they run late. Dinner and dessert are served hours before the reception ends. Dancing works up an appetite, leaving guests hunting for a snack when they leave. Why not provide late snacks guests can munch on before heading home? This can also help them sober up before they leave.

Late-night snacks are also excellent for the bride who often runs around so much that they don’t have time to eat a full meal when the guests have dinner. Nerves from the day have likely settled by then, which can leave the bride ravenous. This is where those food bar ideas will come in handy and take this event to the next level. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee and donuts are fabulous late-night snack ideas for receptions.

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Photo by  Lawless Rose Photography – full wedding here 

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to share love and union with friends and family. Ensure to leave a lasting impression with these remarkable ideas for the big day!




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