Ask The Experts: Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

Planning a wedding the second time around can be different for many reasons. You may feel that you can’t go as big as your first wedding, or maybe your first wedding was a small intimate affair and now you want the big wedding you always dreamed of? But in the wedding word there really are no rules, whether it’s your first, second or third wedding, who cares, you do you and and host the wedding that you and your fiancé feel is right for you as a couple. Today we are looking at a few second wedding ideas to help you plan your big day and make it that bit different form your first wedding.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Rethink Your Bridal Shower

People throw bridal showers to celebrate the future bride’s marriage, but the undertone of the event is that it’s her first and last relationship. That might feel strange for someone getting married again, so why not skip the bridal shower altogether.
Invite your closest friends and family to a vacation instead. You can have a fun girls’ weekend together without any pressure. After all, bridal showers are about making fun memories. Anyone can do that with their loved ones before a wedding.

Make a Themed Dress Code

If wearing white down your ceremony aisle or donning a bridal gown seems too uncomfortable, throw the tradition out. You can wear whatever you want at your wedding — including themed outfits.
Consider a themed wedding while you’re looking for unique ideas. You and your guests could dress up according to your chosen theme, like your favourite movie, time period or vibe. It’s more fun and personalized than going through with a tradition that doesn’t sit right with you.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Include Playground Equipment

Time has passed since your first marriage, which might mean you have kids. Whether they’re your children, nieces or nephews, they’ll need different entertainment than you may have provided at your first wedding reception.
Consider renting a jungle gym or other playground set to entertain the kids attending your wedding and help them develop fine motor skills by challenging their hand-eye coordination. They’ll love running around to release the pent-up energy from traveling and sitting through a ceremony.

Pick a Fun Venue

You don’t have to rent a traditional wedding venue for your upcoming ceremony. Go all out by finding a venue unlike anything you would have considered in previous years. You could rent a field of flowers, say your vows on a boat or pledge your love in a tree house. It depends on the vibe you want for your wedding.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Create Family Wedding Parties

Bridesmaids and groomsmen frame wedding altars as part of the ceremony, but you don’t have to include them. You may want a smaller wedding or not have as many friends anymore. No matter why you want to change things, you can always create wedding parties with your family members. Ask your parents, kids and siblings to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. As long as it feels special, it’ll be a perfect part of your wedding.

Elope Before Your Wedding

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to elope? If you’re curious about the experience and think it could be for you, merge it with your unique plans for your second wedding.
Whisk your fiancé away to a romantic spot to say your vows in private. Your wedding can be more symbolic for your loved ones. It might be extra fun to say a secret set of vows that only the two of you share because it adds another layer of meaning to your wedding.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Host a Potluck Reception

Anyone can ask a restaurant to cater their wedding reception. If that feels too old school, ask your family and friends to bring a dinner, side or dessert. A potluck reception is more relaxed and offers an opportunity to learn about each other more. You’ll get to talk about your favourite foods, their history and why they were so special that they became part of the wedding.

Create a Virtual Guest Group

Instead of mailing expensive save-the-dates and invitations, make a private social media group that your guests can access. It’ll have your invitation details and space for them to post questions about things like what they should bring to the potluck reception or if an outfit matches your dress code.
Your social media group also doubles as a virtual photo album. You can post your official photos after your wedding and your guests can post the candids they took during your big day.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Plan a Mini Moon

Modern couples often embark on a mini-moon before their weddings, which might not have been something you thought about before your first marriage. It’s a weekend trip that celebrates the end of your partnership as a dating couple and anticipates your wedding. It can also be a great way to have a honeymoon if your schedule doesn’t have room for one immediately after your wedding ends.

Incorporate Your Hobbies

You’ve had the advantage of more life experience to get to know yourself. You and your partner could incorporate your hobbies into your wedding if there’s a way to make them work. Shuttle your guests to your partner’s favourite paintball field after the ceremony or make your wedding cake with friends on-site if you love baking. There’s more room for a creative expression of your personality, so take advantage of it while planning everything.

Unique Ideas for Your Second Wedding

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Consider some of these unique ideas when planning your second wedding. They could make it more fun, memorable and meaningful than traditions like a white dress or a religious venue. As long as you and your partner can both look forward to what you plan, you’ll begin your marriage with a grand celebration.




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