10 Thoughtful Ways You Can Use Your Wedding Day to Support a Special Cause

Wedding days are notoriously all about you as a couple! But there are ways to buck the trend and turn the wedding day around and incorporate some thoughtful ideas that will benefit others as well as celebrate your special day. Being Eco friendly, giving donations to charity and helping local food banks are all ways that you can give back during your wedding day. You can use these thoughtful ideas to support special causes throughout your festivities. Guests can give back to the causes you care about the most, which could make your big day even more special for you and your partner.

Thoughtful Ideas to Use Your Special Day to Support a Special Cause

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1. Create a Donation Box

Your guests will have plenty of time to mingle while waiting for your ceremony and reception to begin, so place a donation box where they’ll hang out. A small note could explain where you’ll donate their cash and why the cause matters to you. Your venue coordinator can help you find the best place for this idea and even call attention to it while you’re busy during your wedding day.

2. Donate Leftover Food

Everyone should enjoy their favourite foods during your reception, but there will likely be leftovers. Talk with your caterers about donating extras to organizations that provide meals for those in need. Local non-profits can use your donations to help homeless people, those in low-income households and families who can’t afford groceries.

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3. Find Non-profit Vendors

Wedding vendors aren’t always traditional businesses. Many are non-profit groups that use their profits to support a particular cause. Research and contact them about partnering with you for your wedding.
Your dessert caterer could pledge to improve employment opportunities for people with special needs or your bartending vendor could donate to local community-building organizations. Their portion of your wedding budget will assist numerous causes before your big day arrives.

4. Book a Meaningful Venue

Couples sometimes pick their wedding venue based on its history and what causes it currently helps. You could book a historical site that teaches your guests about its history during a tour before your wedding day.
Your venue could also be historically significant to a specific cause. If you get married in an older home that was the first domestic violence refuge in your state, the site may also take donations to support victims who come to their local shelters.

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5. Request Donations Instead of Gifts

Everyone will want to know what you want as wedding gifts, but you may not need the traditional registry items. Instead of receiving another coffee maker or welcome mat, ask people to donate to your favourite charities. You can link to the donation funds on your wedding website and remind guests where to find them through emails or social media posts.

6. Volunteer for Your Post-Wedding Activity

Skip the traditional post-wedding brunch and spend your morning volunteering with your guests. Look into common places people volunteer to find inspiration. Instead of feeling limited to a food bank or homeless shelter, your wedding party could volunteer with you at a community arts centre, a political cause or an animal shelter. It depends on how you want to spend your time.

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7. Give Charity-Funded Presents

It’s nice to receive gifts, but brides also give presents before and during their wedding day. You’ll likely want to buy something for each member of your bridal party, your parents, your partner’s parents and potentially the staff members helping your ceremony happen.
Use those gifts as opportunities to support charities. If you have a big heart for elephants, you could give your wedding party elephant earrings designed by a charity that strives to end poaching. Your groom’s party could get personalized water bottles made with recycled plastic or snack packs created by sustainable food brands. They’ll make everyone feel loved and fund the charities you care about the most.

8. Donate Your Wedding Clothes

Wedding dresses, suits and bridesmaid gowns only get worn once. After your big day, give them to organizations that help people in need. Your wedding clothes could assist low-income couples or people shopping at non-profit thrift stores. Research where you can donate them at home or near your venue to see if this is a possible option for your wedding.

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9. Research Eco-Friendly Options

Many people use their weddings to help the environment since fighting climate change is a significant cause. Research sustainable alternatives to wedding traditions to make your big day eco-conscious. Instead of confetti, have guests throw rice while you’re leaving your venue. You could also use biodegradable dinnerware instead of plastic or a solar-powered getaway car for your ride home.

10. Give Your Flowers Away

Flowers usually wilt and end up in the garbage after weddings. You’ll likely pay a significant chunk of change for bouquets and other arrangements, so donate them after your reception ends. Nearby hospitals and retirement homes may happily accept them to make their environment more cheerful for patients and residents.

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Anyone can turn their special day into an event that supports special causes. All you need are a few inspirational and thoughtful ideas to get started. Think about which charities you want to help and find ways to do that while planning your dream wedding.





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