5 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Wedding


Eco-Friendly Wedding

This afternoon on the blog we are talking Eco Friendly Weddings. Eco Weddings are BIG now, so many of you have grown increasingly aware of the environment we live in, and are looking for sustainable alternatives to the traditional idea and suppliers. So today I have invited The Real Flower Company who are a fair trade business  supplying ethically sourced flowers to brides and grooms to talk to us about different ways to make your wedding Eco-Friendly


I’ll pass the Blog over to The Real Flower Company………………

If you’re an environmentally friendly couple, you’ll likely agree that green is the new white when it comes to weddings. Eco-friendly matrimony can significantly reduce carbon footprints left by commercial weddings without compromising on style or fun.
From hemp wedding gowns to staycation honeymoons, there are so many ways to treat the earth harmoniously. Perhaps you want to make a statement by raising environmental awareness or simply love thrift shopping and frugality? Whatever your reason, read on for how you can join the eco alliance and throw the greenest celebration the wedding-sphere has ever seen!

Eco-Friendly Weddings (Photos by http://lifelinephotography.co.uk)


1.)     Re-used and Reclaimed Clothing

When has a girl ever needed an excuse to go shopping? One of the best ways to go green is by steering clear of the high street. Frequent car boot sales, shop vintage and rifle through every charity shop in your area. Reusing is key to making a positive environmental impact because it conserves financial resources, keeps items out of landfill sites and causes less pollution.
The average cost of a wedding dress can cost in the region of £1000, but those who choose to shop vintage can expect to pay just a fraction of this figure. Whilst finding a pre-loved dress is satisfying, inevitably some people just don’t have the time to scan rail upon rail to find rare treasures.
Enter the hemp wedding dress, the greenest wedding dress material on the market. Known for being strong and durable, this natural material is resistant to mould and is so wearable, look out for hemp wedding dress designers such as Tara Lynn and Andie McGuire.

Tara Lynn www.taralynnbridal.com

Andie McGuire www.andiemcguire.com


2.) Recycled Invitations

Support local businesses which produce goods made from recycled materials such as jewellery from recycled gold and invitations from recycled paper. The most commonly recycled item is mixed paper so there are plenty of resources available. Why not enlist the help of a creative friend or family member who has the ability to make do and mend?
No Impact Tip: Alternatively, sending electronic invitations/RSVP’s via the World Wide Web cuts down on the use of physical materials and won’t pollute the environment.

Recycled Invitations www.etsy.com/recycled-romance-rustic-wedding


3.) Local Flowers

Using in-season and ethically produced flowers is one way to go green when organising your special day. Almost 80% of flowers are imported from abroad. These are rarely checked by authorities and often carry harmful pesticides which are harmful to workers and the environment.
Sourcing in-season flowers from the country you live in will make a lower footprint on the environment and support local business. Choosing blooms from an organic local business further reduces the risk of flowers grown using dangerous chemicals as these farmers practice socially responsible and ethical methods of farming.
If purchasing imported flowers is unavoidable then try and source fair trade florists who promote fair wages and sustainable practices by looking after not only the workers but the local community and in any way they can, the environment.

The Real Flower Company www.realflowers.co.uk


4.) Honeymoon

Whilst holidaying in the Seychelles has probably appealed to everyone at some point in their lives, if you don’t want to rack up a gazillion air miles you may want to set your sights on a holiday closer to home.
Why not embark on a barge holiday? There are many green companies offering barge holidays on the waterways which are estimated to be up to 20 times better for the environment than flying to Europe. What a fantastic way to enjoy the countryside Rosie and Jim style, sailor hats at the ready!

canal boat hire www.waterwaysholidays.com


5.) Small and Sustainable

Simplicity is paramount to an eco-friendly celebration – if you plan on inviting everyone you’ve ever come into contact with or intend on purchasing whole supermarkets worth of food then you’re on the wrong track. Here are some tips for a small and sustainable wedding:
– Organic food – research which products are grown locally and organically in your region and search for nearby stockists.
– Stay close to home – it’s easier to plan and cuts down on transportation related pollution.
– An outdoor location – nothing says green like a wedding in a natural environment, ideas include parks, rooftop gardens, beaches and the woods.
– Borrow – before buying something for your wedding, consider whether you really need it and if you do, why not see if you can borrow it from a close friend or relative?

Corinne & Gareth, Ecclesall Woods (Photo by http://jaymountfordphotography.co.uk)



  • Are you having an Eco Wedding? If so what are you doing to make your wedding Eco Friendly? Do you have any other suggestions that haven’t been listed above?

Author Note: The Real Flower Company are a fair trade business who supply ethically sourced luxury flowers for weddings grown and handpicked on their own farms. To browse their product range visit the website, or for specific enquiries call 01730 818 300.

Real Flower Co



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