Bridal Style: Be The Best-Dressed Guest At A Boho Wedding

Themed weddings have become a trend for a number of years. Gone are the days when couples will prefer to have a plain ceremony and reception. Through the years, couples have embraced organising and holding conceptual weddings to make the day more memorable. However, themed weddings can be a challenge for guests. While you want to be part of your friends or family’s remarkable journey, you will also want to fit right into the occasion. If a wedding is held in summer, there is a high chance that the theme will be boho-inspired. So today we ask the question; Are you ready for a boho wedding? and what do you need to wear to be part of a Boho themed day?

Be The Best-Dressed Guest At A Boho Wedding

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But first, what is Boho?

Boho is short for the term Bohemian. It’s a fashion style in the 60s and 70s that is inspired by free-spirited women. This style is mostly associated with boho dresses that are particularly made with flowing skirts and noticeable prints and embroidery.
Because of its simple elegance and chic ensemble, there is no doubt why brides, and even grooms, would want a boho-themed wedding during summer. However, if you think that bohemian dresses may be a little outdated for the 21st century, you better think again. When it is paired with the modern touch of fashion, boho dresses can certainly look more stunning than a traditional summer wedding outfit.

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How to dress up for a boho-themed wedding?

To help you prepare for your next boho-themed wedding, here are some tips on what to wear for the big day! Let’s take a look at each of them.

Bold dresses

As mentioned above, boho style is all about bold and sophisticated dresses. When going to a boho-themed wedding, it’s a must to choose dresses with beautiful, free-flowing dresses. You can choose to wear long dresses with warm and soothing colours such as orange, brown, or yellow. It’s also a smart option to wear maxi dresses with a few ruffles or slits on them. This adds style to the already stunning dress that you’re wearing. However, boho fashion is not limited to dresses alone. You can also choose from a wide range of options such as jumpsuits and pants. For boho fashion, the most important element to achieve is to have a mix of elements such as prints and fabric.

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Style with sandals

Some people may perceive that boho fashion is all about wearing boots paired with their dresses. While it is accurate, it’s not the best choice for a wedding or any formal occasion. When going to a boho wedding, the best way is to wear stylish sandals. It may sound plain and boring but if you choose sandals with long straps and decorated ensembles, you will perfectly fit the occasion. The key is to choose the colour that will complement your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a somewhat darker dress, choose lighter sandals so it will not be too overpowering. The best thing is that, for boho fashion, you can go as far as wearing glitter sandals that will sparkle as you walk around the room.

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Simple yet elegant makeup and hairdo

It is normal for wedding guests to have full make up on during the wedding. After all, it’s a formal occasion. But, if you are going to a boho wedding, make-up is the least of your problems. Boho fashion or style is all about looking natural yet elegant. You can pick up some tips online on how to have a “no make-up look”. A simple glossy, red lipstick paired with a light blush and eye shadows should be enough. Another thing that will be the least of your worries is the hairdo. You can pull off a stunning Boho allure by simply putting your hair in a loose bun or just making it look natural down. Boho hairstyles typically looked messy yet stylized. Think of how Kate Moss always wears her hair. That’s a natural yet stylized boho-inspired hairdo.

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Accessories are a must

It’s not boho fashion if you don’t wear accessories bold and noticeable accessories. It’s a must to wear complete accessories from earrings to bracelets, up to necklaces and anklets. Boho fashion is big on wearing these things. For earrings, it’s ideal to wear dangling or big ones. Then, you can pair it with a matching bracelet and anklet. As for the necklace, the smartest way is to wear layers. You can look for double or triple-layer necklaces for a more stunning look. However, always keep in mind to choose a single colour or make for your accessories. If you prefer gold, all your accessories should be gold. Wearing different make or colours of accessories makes it look tacky and trying too hard. You don’t want that.

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Ready for a boho wedding? Even if you are only there to support your loved one’s big day, it doesn’t mean that you cannot look great. Who knows, your dream partner may be there and your wedding is the next event you’ll prepare for. Just keep in mind, that it all boils down to choosing the best boho dress to be the best-dressed guest at your friends or family’s boho wedding! Start shopping now!





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