Ask the Experts: How to Flawlessly Plan For Your Dream Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are incredibly popular here on the blog, I pride myself on featuring so many different sorts of weddings from all across the world. I even had a destination wedding myself in Ibiza, so  know first hand what it is like to plan a wedding thousands of miles away from you. Destination weddings can prove the perfect way to get married, all of your friends and families on holidays with you for a few days or even a week, what better way to celebrate your marriage?! So many memories made!

Destination weddings, however, do require a lot of planning so that the week-long celebrations can take place smoothly without any unforeseen issues. There are multiple things the host needs to consider – weather conditions, wedding venue, theme, budget, to name a few.

Pulling off a destination wedding can sometimes be hard, just because of the logistics and the physical distance and in order to make it look flawless, you need to put a lot of hard work into the planning. If you are already feeling overwhelmed, fret not! Today we have Destination wedding experts on the blog who have compiled some of the key tips for anyone planning to get hitched in some faraway land. Read on for all the insider hacks and tips!

photo by Tayler Ashley Photography – full wedding here 

Tip #1: A Pinterest vision board is your Holy Grail!

The entire wedding process can get simplified if you start including visuals and photos as a part of your plan. When you communicate your ideas over emails and WhatsApp chats, it is always advisable to use photographs for perfect reference. Visuals will easily convey your expectations to the wedding vendors.
So, the first thing that you should start with while planning for your wedding is the creation of a Pinterest board. Add to it whatever fancies you, such as colour schemes, table décor, theme, menu, venue décor, wedding party favors, etc.

photo by Headshot Weddings.– full wedding here 

Tip#2: Hire a wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings.

You and your partner won’t have the time to handle all the wedding arrangements, and hence, you must hire a wedding planner, especially one who has years of experience in organizing destination weddings in your particular location. Make sure you fall in love with his/her portfolio. Unless you love someone’s work deeply, you cannot take the risk of hiring him to plan your celebrations. Meet them personally, or arrange Zoom/Skype calls to openly communicate your ideas, expectations, and style. When you feel that the wedding planner seems to be absolutely in sync with your version of a destination wedding, hire him!

photo by Nunzio Bruno  – full wedding here 

Tip#3: Check out the dream venue in person before finalizing the payments.

Both of you have chosen your location. Make sure you schedule a tour of the entire venue along with your fiance. Remember that things can look deceptive sometimes online. So, before splurging on your ideal destination wedding venue, check out the place in person.

Consider aspects like:

  • Whether or not it will accommodate all your guests.
  • Is it located in a remote or well-connected area?
  • Does the venue offer lodging facilities, or do you need to book hotel rooms?
  • Does the venue match the theme and style of the wedding you have been planning for so long?

photo by Steve Fuller photo.– full wedding here 

Tip#4: Instagram and Pinterest can land you the best wedding vendors!

Make the most out of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. You can use these apps as the best resources for planning your wedding. Instagram and Pinterest can help you find the best wedding vendors in that specific destination. For instance, search for hashtags connected with the venue that you have finalized. You will get to see plenty of soulful wedding images where brides and grooms tag their wedding photographers, florists, live music bands, etc. Don’t shy away from connecting with a few couples who got married in the same venue. Discuss with them about their experiences, expectations, etc.

photo by OneThreeOneFour – full wedding here 

Tip#5: Do not forget to get wedding insurance.

The unpredictability of life can result in unforeseen events, even at the drop of a hat. So it is better to get wedding insurance. It will offer coverage for situations like wedding rescheduling or cancellation due to sudden demise of a close relative, or breaking down of the travel car, etc. Keep your dream wedding safe and secure by opting for wedding insurance.

photo by Destination Wedding Photographer – Dan Morris – full wedding here 

Tip#6: Arrive a few days before your Wedding at the destination.

Arriving at the venue on the day of your wedding is a total disaster. You need to arrive at least 3 to 5 days ahead of your wedding. You will get ample time to relax before finally kicking into a frenzy bash of celebrations and merry-making. Also, you can cross-check all the last-minute arrangements with the wedding vendors. Calm down your nerves and enjoy every moment as you sip in your favorite cocktail by the poolside!

photo by Boho Chic Weddings Photography – full wedding here 

Tip#7: Carry your wedding outfits on the flight with you.

You do not want your wedding attire to get damaged or stay behind or, in the worst-case scenario, go missing.  Pack it vigilantly and carry it along with you on the flight.

photo by Destination Wedding Photographer – Dan Morris – full wedding here 


Take a deep breath and ENJOY!

It is absolutely normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions even while planning for your wedding. But, keep in mind that all these are going to get etched in your mind for the rest of your life. So take a deep breath, smile, and sip your favorite wine, and plan for your destination wedding like a pro.




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