Ask The Experts: 5 Reasons To Bring Your Destination Wedding to Budapest

Have you ever thought about holding your wedding in Budapest? If not, then you may be interested in reading on to find out some more information about holding a wedding in the beautiful country of Hungary! I have invited Budapest wedding expert Huba from Hubadur Wedding to tell you all you need to know about getting married in Hungary. From the 5 reasons to get married there to finding the right photographer and how his services will help plan your wedding.

5 Reasons To Bring Your Destination Wedding to Budapest

I’ll pass you over to Huba

There are two types of couples in the world:

  1. Following regular, conventional ideas of weddings,
  2. Desire inspirational, emotional, exciting and outstanding memories for their eternal life.

You must be the couple that is interested in special alternatives, e.g. in destination wedding in a stress-free, lovely and exclusive atmosphere.

5 Reasons To Bring Your Destination Wedding to Budapest

5 reasons to bring your destination wedding to Budapest

  1. 1) Various miraculous venues for either intimate or enormous weddings: palace, hotel, castle, museum, airport, cathedral, boat, bath, top of the hill, cave, trees… You will be able to travel through times, cultures and styles.

2) Different but still European culture with famous and high gastronomy level, excellent chefs and strong ‘pálinka’.

3) Both friendly and professional wedding services, vendors with style and fun: cinematographer, photographer, wedding MC, stylist, wedding planner, etc.

4) Cost-benefit is much better, than in the other European big cities.

5) Geographically easily reachable.

5 Reasons To Bring Your Destination Wedding to Budapest

Hiring a Master of Ceremonies for the wedding

Wedding is an outstanding celebration to show our love, togetherness and responsibility for each other. It is an occasion with richly dressed people and souls.

That is why as a Wedding MC I am engaged in kindly guiding you and your beloved guests through a memorable and heart-warming wedding with lots of dance and fun. So that you will not have to worry about any details for your Big Day. I will be caring your family and friends just as would be mine.
Everyone will know the next steps to be prepared for the right moment in the right way.

On behalf and instead of you as your Master of Ceremony (Hubadur) I coordinate the vendors on the Great Day as a smooth operator. Meanwhile you will have abundant time to celebrate and enjoy with your guests.
Language of the wedding can be both English and Hungarian. Furthermore, I speak a little Spanish and Russian, which is rather a surprise for the guests.

I coordinated my first wedding as an Emcee in 2003. Since then I have had the honour to conduct many weddings of Hungarian and international couples, gilding my life.
Plenty of useful and refreshing ideas, schedule-tips will be provided to your personalized, conceptional or thematic wedding. In addition, I am going to be your professional best friend you can trust.

5 Reasons To Bring Your Destination Wedding to Budapest

Hiring a wedding photographer in Hungary

Walking and hanging around the streets of Budapest you will meet lots of different people in every corner. These exciting and colourful micro worlds will bring you totally unique photo shoots and a real unique edge to your wedding photos.

These wedding pictures will be steeped with special mixture of history, romance, Boho and modernism.
As a wedding photographer I will record your eternal love and save your memorable moments for the future with a unique taste. Building a close relationship with you will help to tell your wedding story through exceptional pictures.

We are looking forward to hearing about your dreams.

The Wedding MC: www.hubadurwedding.hu / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / TWITTER

The Wedding Photographer: www.fotobese.com / FACEBOOK / TWITTER 



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