How to Choose Your Wedding Style

When you start planning a wedding, there are many things to do first. Sort your budget, draw up a rough guest list, find your venue, your photographer, your catering and entertainment. Once these jobs are done it’s time to get creative and start thinking about the finer points of the day, like choosing your wedding style! Chance’s are if you are reading this blog you will be looking for a style more personal to you and your partner. The style you have for your wedding day may be different to the style you have at home, you may be more of a minimalistic type person in your own house, but your wedding you may foresee as rustic and vintage inspired! So today we have some advice on choosing your wedding style and how to mirror this into your actual wedding day.

How to Choose Your Wedding Style


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A wedding is a coveted moment for many men and women. Imagine that you have found a partner with whom you want to live your whole life in happiness and peace. Chances are you want the wedding ceremony and all other aspects to be perfect. But how to choose your wedding style? Should you stick to the classic model, or should you experiment and think outside the box? Here are some great tips for you.

Follow Your Heart

Typically, your relatives can advise you on classic tuxedos and white dresses, as well as a common ceremony with guests and an altar. But what if this is not part of your plans? Then you can choose an option that is best for you. Let’s say you want to ride bikes to another city and get married in a church to the sound of heavy metal. Why not? Many progressive priests are even ready to sing at your wedding or ride with you on the road to the coast and back.

Or, if you want a ceremony in the style of cave dwellers, then no one bothers you to rent costumes and have a party in a cave with bonfires, grilled meat, or fruits. The choice of your style depends on what you want to undertake. Do not rely only on the traditions and opinions of your friends or relatives. Think about what you want and make the wedding personal to you.

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Gather and Save Inspiration

Let’s say you want to look at examples of other couples performing the ceremony. Then you should learn from the experience of students who read essay writing service reviews before ordering papers. Take a look at how people organize weddings, parties and showers. The choice of location and decor is also important.
Make a list of at least 4-5 options that you like the most. Let’s say you can concentrate on a classic style, a Hawaiian wedding, or a Scandinavian theme. Check any ideas that are worth considering and discuss all the details with your partner.
If you are looking for more ideas or inspiration, you may check out this article at SenseOrient which has shared 12 best wedding Instagram accounts that every bride needs to follow for her big day.

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Narrow in on Your Style

Once you’ve decided on a few style options, you can narrow down your search criteria and focus on what colors, clothing, or decor you want to see. However, no one will judge you if you choose several clothes and change during the day. Most likely, you will have to stop at one option. But think about how you want to decorate the venue where your wedding party will take place.
Focus on the interior of the room in which this event will be celebrated. You should know in advance what style will be combined with furniture and walls in advance. Students do the same when looking for writing services. One bestessays review can help you find out a lot of information. When you decide on the first stage of searching for styles, you can proceed to the next activities.

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Pick Your Colours

The color palette is extremely important for creating a specific mood and highlighting your style. That is why you should take a look at how colours look in the venue. Also use this colour palette in the outfits of your bridal party. Perhaps you could add some accessories, a boutonniere, or a pretty ribbon to highlight your style. Think about ways you can add your colour scheme into the decor of the day.

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Dishes Should Complement Your Style

If you want to find your style, you should think about it so that even the food matches your vision. Many restaurants can use ingredients or food coloring to create the perfect pink, blue, green, or magenta cake.  Your style can also be enhanced with certain desserts and drinks. For example, you can buy whiskey for a rural wedding or a delicate semi-sweet wine for a classic buffet table.

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Everyone deserves a perfect wedding. But it depends only on you which style or format of celebration you choose. You should rely on your preferences and the examples that you find on the Internet. Then it will be easier for you to organize this event and take into account all the details.


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