DIY Tutorial – Clutch Bag

DIY Tutorial

Due to some technical problems at Boho HQ yesterday I wasn’t able to bring you yesterdays DIY Tutorial, however it has now all been fixed, so better late then never I’m delighted to welcome back  Laura from The Mrs Makes to the Blog. Today Laura is showing us how to make this super cute clutch bag. Laura has been writing for the blog for a while now, and since she has been married I have invited her back on a regular basis to share with us her wedding ideas and inspiration. Laura is currently in the process of setting up her own Etsy shop to share her DIY creations. (more details on that to come soon)

Clutch Bag

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STEP 1)  First up, draw your pattern on the card. Lay the clasp on the paper and draw around the TOP on it (not inside) and make sure you mark on where the hinges are.

Clutch Bag 2

STEP 2)      Cut out your fabric. You need two pieces of the lining and felt, and one fiece for the outer cut on the fold. Personally I like cutting a double outer as the finish looks much more professional. Mark on the fabric (wrong side) where the hinges are.

Clutch Bag 3

STEP 3) Pin the lining right sides together with the felt on the outside and sew around the bottom – hinge to hinge – but leave about a one inch hole in the bottom; this can be sewn up later.

Clutch Bag 4

STEP 4) Now take the outer and fold right sides together. Sew up the sides up to the hinge marks.

Clutch Bag 5 Clutch Bag 6

STEP 5)  Now turn the outer bag right side out, and place it inside the lining bag. The right sides should be touching.

Clutch Bag 7

STEP 6) Take the two bags and sew the top flaps. You want to go from hinge to hinge, and sew the outer to the lining on both sides.

Clutch Bag 8

STEP 7)  Now pull the outer bag through the hole in the lining, be gentle but firm, you might need a pencil or something to poke it all the way through!

Clutch Bag 9 Clutch Bag 10

STEP 8)  Now take your clasp and one flap at a time, glue the fabric to the inside of each bracket.

Clutch Bag 12

STEP 9) Voila! A cute clutch bag! Embellish your bag to your heart’s desire, or leave simple and glamorous.

Clutch Bag 13


You can read more about Laura’s DIY life on her Blog





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