DIY Tutorial: Paper Gift Bags

DIY Tutorial

It’s Monday afternoon, so it’s time for another DIY Tutorial! This week we welcome back the lovely Laura from The Mrs Makes. As You know Laura is a regular on the Blog, both with her DIY Tutorials and her Bridal Diary entries. Laura has been busy getting all her DIY projects completed before her wedding next month. I can’t believe it has come round so soon!

Today Laura is showing us how to make these super cute paper gift bags, which are perfect for wedding day presents as well as  birthday presents.

Paper Gift Bags Paper Gift Bags

Paper Gift Bags


Step 1) Cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap around both books

DIY Tutoroial


Step 2) Wrap the books as if you were wrapping a present, and fold up just one end. Glue and secure with tape if needed

DIY Tutorial DIY Tutorial DIY Tutorial


Step 3) Remove the books from inside the paper

DIY Tutorial


Step 4) Fold the gussets into the side of the paper bag – you may want to iron them in to make the creases sharper and more permanent

Paper Gift Bags Paper Gift Bags


Step 5) Cut a piece of cardboard and place in the bottom of the bag to add some extra support and structure

Paper Gift Bags


Step 6) Insert your present(s) and fold over the top.

Paper Gift Bags


Step 7) Decorate with a piece of fabric cut to size, or you could use pretty tape, lace or string

Paper Gift Bags


Step 8) Attach a name tag and give to your recipients!

Paper Gift Bags

My bridesmaids will be getting one of these on the wedding morning. I can’t wait to leave them on their bedside table overnight.


If you want to read more about Laura’s DIY adventures she has her own blog



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    Nodbon {Ana}

    It’s really a good idea and the materials can be found easily. I always try to find new ways to wrap the presents at my events, thank you very much!
    Best Regards,


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