DIY Tutorial: Simple Envelope Liners

It’s DIY time again on the Blog, and todays DIY Tutorial comes from the lovely Laura from The Mrs Makes. Laura has been busy getting all her DIY projects completed before her wedding next April, so a couple of weeks ago Laura and the lovely Jess Petrie came round to my garden to put together a second set of DIY Tutorials for you.

I have loads of DIY tutorials coming up fo you from Laura one of which is her rather cute wedding invitations, to go along side these invitations she has been busy putting together her own envelopes with liners. So today she is showing us how to create your very own envelope liner……..and believe me it’s a lot simpler than I first thought, even I could do this one!

envelop liners


DIY envelope liners

DIY envelope liners


Step 1) Start off with a spare envelope.  With your pencil and ruler draw a line about 1cm from each side, around the sticky bit you lick, and about 2cm below the opening.

DIY envelope liners DIY envelope liners


Step 2) Using scissors or a knife cut this out – throw away the rest….

DIY envelope liners


Step 3) So that you have a liner template!

DIY envelope liners


Step 4) Now you can use this template to cut out your liners. I folded the tissue paper to cut out 10 at a time, but you might have to do one or two at a time if your paper is thicker.

DIY envelope liners DIY envelope liners


Step 5) Take a liner and place inside one of your envelopes and glue it in.

DIY envelope liners


Step 6) Voila! A slightly prettier envelope!

DIY envelope liners


DIY envelope liners


If you want to read more about Laura’s wedding journey and more about her DIY adventures then she has her own blog  www.themrsmakes.com


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    Pretty!! *squeals in delight*
    Sadly, I can imagine the Mr’s thoughts on this one, with very little effort… “What’s the point? People are just going to throw the envelope away.” He isn’t grumpy, just not very sensitive to pretty! Strategic planning will be needed to sneak this DIY under the man-sense radar :)
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Laura C

    Amy: I did think he would say that, and I had mild palpitations at the thought of the envelope being ripped open! Needless to say I didn’t ask him and just produced the entire set with a ‘look at our envelopes!’. I don’t even think he knows I DIY’d them… In his world you can buy them like this from Staples :P



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