Ask The Experts: 8 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

The argument of having children at your wedding will roll on and on for ever more. Some people believe a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding withought kids running around causing a ruckus! While other people believe kids should be left at home, so the adults can celebrate and really let their hair down. However, relationships have moved on, many people have already had children by the time they get married, so leaving your own children at home isn’t really an option. Today we are looking at ways you can involve your own children in your wedding planning, making sure they feel part of the big day as much as you do. Use this simple guide to include your kids in your wedding, regardless of age.

8 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

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1. Let Them Pick Their Clothes

You and your partner will carefully pick the clothes you’ll wear down the aisle, but what about your kids? You could include them in their wardrobe options by asking for their opinions.

Let them browse some ideas you like so they pick what they’ll wear. They’ll get excited about getting dressed up, so you won’t have to wrestle them into their fancy clothes before the ceremony.

2. Ask for Menu Suggestions

The catering team handling your reception meal will serve your favorite foods after you say your vows. You might look forward to the prosciutto bites or lamb meatballs, but your kids may not enjoy foods they don’t recognize.

Let them choose a few options for their personalized kid’s menu. Everyone will get to eat what they love most and you’ll gain options for young guests with food allergies. Research shows that 4% of kids have food allergies compared to 1% of adults. Ask for allergens on your RSVP cards and use the kid’s menu to add allergen-free items young ones will adore, like gluten-free mac and cheese or peanut-free trail mix.

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3. Create Reception Play Time

Kids love dancing their hearts out on reception dance floors, but they’ll get bored after a while. Give them another way to have fun by setting up outdoor play equipment at your venue. Rental swings, slides or trampolines are great for little ones with sugar rushes. The playtime will also boost their critical thinking skills, aiding them in the coming years as they work toward graduation.

4. Include Your Kids in Your Vows

Sometimes young kids feel left out of wedding fun. The engaged couple rightly gets all the attention, but that’s challenging to deal with when you’re young and used to everyone prioritizing you.

Your kids might love hearing you talk about them in your vows if you plan to write them. It’s a sweet way to acknowledge how much they mean to you and how they’re a foundational part of your happiness.

You could even include their work if they want to contribute to your vows. Your children might love to write a short poem or a joke for you to say at the altar. Ask them to step up and recite it themselves if they aren’t nervous about speaking in front of your guests. It’s another way to have some extra fun while including your kids in your wedding.

photo by Sally Rose  – full wedding here

5. Get Them Surprise Gifts

If you’ve been planning your wedding for any length of time, you’ve likely read suggestions about gift-giving. Couples often give presents to their guests and wedding party members to thank them for attending. Your kids could love surprise gifts too.

Present your children with wedding gifts after your rehearsal dinner or just before your ceremony. They could get jewelry they’ll wear into adulthood or a personalized letter they’ll cherish forever. Taking them aside for a quiet moment reminds them how much they mean to you, while their presents are a special surprise only they receive.

6. Add Them to Your Ceremony

Your kids don’t have to throw flower petals down the aisle to be part of your ceremony. If you want them to do something different, consider their best skills. They might play a song on the piano or perform a reading as part of the ceremony.

It depends on what they feel comfortable doing in front of your guests. Ask for their input as you brainstorm ideas so they get a choice in how they make your ceremony more memorable.

photo by Tatiana Getta – full wedding here

7. Add Their Favourite Songs

Choosing songs for your reception is part of the wedding planning fun. While you’re considering which songs you want for your first dance and exit ceremony, ask your kids what they’d add. You could request their top three favourite songs from your DJ or add them to your homemade playlist.

Either way, your kids will love rocking out to their favourite songs after your reception meal. If your guests have kids around their age, it’ll become an even bigger dance party for the little ones.

8. Make Crafts for Decor

Anyone looking for a wedding budget hack should stop by the nearest craft supply store with their kids. A little paint will turn votives into gorgeous tabletop decor, especially if your kids decorate them. Ask them to assemble faux flower arrangements or cut paper snowflakes with crafting scissors for your winter wedding.

No matter where you look during your wedding, you’ll see your kids’ creativity in every room. It’s a fun way to wrap them into your wedding planning duties and save money simultaneously.

photo by Liam Collard – full wedding here 


There are always ways to include your kids in your wedding, even if you’re planning a big day that looks nothing like any ceremony you’ve seen before. Consider what your children enjoy doing and their talents. Asking them for help, brainstorming together and setting aside special moments to remind them how much you love them will transform your wedding into a family-focused event.




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