Ask The Experts: How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

Congratulations! You’ve tied the knot. Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy being newlyweds.
Your honeymoon is a time that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your married lives—one that brought you even closer together and was filled with special shared moments.
But planning and organizing the perfect honeymoon isn’t easy, especially when your time and attention are already focused on the wedding itself. However, with the right attitude and the right itinerary, anything is possible!
Here’s how you can create a romantic honeymoon itinerary from scratch.

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Plan And Dream As A Team

A honeymoon is a holiday that should have equal value for each partner. Not only will planning your honeymoon itinerary together help you to create a trip that both of you are equally excited about, but it can also be a powerful bonding experience that brings you closer together.

Whether you are interested in exploring all that Budapest has to offer, cruising around the Caribbean, or a luxury island getaway, when you collaborate on honeymoon plans, it gives each person the opportunity to voice their personal desires and wishes for how the honeymoon will unfold. This can make for a more romantic, rewarding, and satisfying holiday experience as a married couple.

Consider The Weather

It might sound obvious, but the weather can play a fundamental role in your honeymoon. When planning the itinerary, do some research together on the weather patterns of your destination

When you know what kind of weather to expect, you can plan your outfits, activities, and sightseeing in a more informed and productive way. You can also ensure you don’t end up sweaty when you’re trying to enjoy a romantic walk or freezing when dining under the stars.

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Follow An Organizational Deadline

If you’re planning an exotic or extended honeymoon, chances are you’re planning a big, beautiful boho wedding, too. In order to prevent chaos from ensuing, give yourselves a deadline for when you need to finish your honeymoon itinerary. This will take some of the pressure off and give you more time to focus on your relationship.

Trying to fit your honeymoon planning and itinerary time amid work and other wedding prep responsibilities can quickly turn into an administration maelstrom. Be sure to utilize those calendars, check all your boxes, and stick to a clear honeymoon planning deadline.

Let Your Hotel Or Accommodation Know Why You’re There

If you know exactly where you’re going to be staying over the course of your honeymoon, phone ahead to let them know why you’re coming.

Most hotels and forms of accommodation will pull out a few extra stops to make sure your honeymoon experience is as romantic and honeymoon-y as possible—and you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of that. Champagne, chocolate, bubble bath, and extra-special service can make your holiday even sweeter.

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Choose Somewhere With Privacy

When choosing where you’d like to stay during your honeymoon, steer clear of overpopulated beaches or resorts known for hordes of tourists.

Often, opting for non-traditional destinations or quieter, more private regions of a holiday destination is more affordable, and it comes with the added bonus of sweet peace and quiet for you to enjoy your newfound married life. Even better, quiet areas are usually easier to book, making your honeymoon itinerary more efficient.

Set A Clear Budget

The word “budget” is hardly the first one to come to mind when thinking of romance and honeymoon plans, but unfortunately, you do need to consider it. Setting a clear budget will help expedite all the steps in your honeymoon planning process, allowing you to make decisions that are realistically achievable.

When you eventually go on your honeymoon, you don’t want to have to think about how much money you have to spend. Make the most of your trip (and enhance its romance levels) by budgeting as much as you can so that there is no confusion or stress around what gets spent and when.

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Add An Element Of Surprise

Another fun way to make your honeymoon plans even more romantic is to plan a small (or big) surprise for each other. Surprises have a way of making each experience super memorable and precious.
You can do anything from packing in some sexy lingerie or naughty toys to taking a surprise trip to a nearby island, enjoying a very special dinner, or ticking something off your spousal bucket list. All of these are wonderful ways to enhance your honeymoon.

Pack Light

When going on holiday, there’s often the temptation to throw everything you own into your bag, just in case! But by packing lightly and still including all the important items, you’ll not only leave space for souvenirs or other items you wish to bring back home, but you also get to travel around faster, cheaper, and with less fuss.
There’s nothing romantic about having to lug huge suitcases around. After all, if you don’t have a free hand, how can you hold hands with your new spouse?

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Don’t Overthink It

Of course, planning a honeymoon itinerary is a big deal, and you should both be very intentional when working on it together. However, it’s also important to remember that the romance is created by the two of you, not by any faraway destination or a rose-petal-scattered king-size bed.

It can be easy to over-plan your honeymoon and book too many activities. Remember, you will likely be a  little tired from the aftermath of the wedding, and simply resting and luxuriating in each other’s company is likely all your mind, body, and heart need from a honeymoon.

You can still plan some travel experiences or activities that appeal to you. And spontaneity can be romantic, too! Just remember to give yourselves the time to relax and soak up all the special moments of your newfound life together.

A Romantic Honeymoon You’ll Always Remember

A honeymoon is an opportunity to establish a healthy, functional dynamic within your newfound married relationship. But it’s also an opportunity to have fun.
Creating a romantic honeymoon itinerary might not be your idea of fun right now, but when the time comes to jet off, you’ll be happy you did it.

How To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Itinerary

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Spending time with your partner planning, imagining, and dreaming of what your perfect honeymoon looks like is a powerful bonding experience. Use these tips for creating a plan that suits your unique relationship goals and preferences in style.




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