12 Things You Must Do During Your First Year of Marriage

We talk a lot about weddings here on the blog and how to plan for the big day but what about planning for married life? Newlywed bliss is a wonderful thing, starting your lives together and enjoying this fresh phase of your lives. However to make the marriage work and last a life time there are many adjustments and changes within the first year of your marriage that you might want to prepare for. These transitions can offer a solid foundation for you and your loved one as you grow and overcome obstacles together. It’s you and your spouse against the world now — you’ve got this! Here are some things you can prepare for during your first year of marriage.

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1. Discuss the Holidays

Holidays before your wedding may have been spent separately or between families. Now that you have started your own family, you may want to consider creating some new traditions. You should discuss options with your spouse and decide which holidays will be spent with what side of the family. This can help you learn to compromise and better understand what is to come.

2. Set Expectations

You have probably discussed these issues before marriage, but sometimes they can slip through the cracks. When you’re in love and caught up with planning your big day, you can lose sight of your expectations for the rest of your lives.
Do you want children? When do you want to plan on having them? Are you going to take yearly vacations? How do you plan to budget for those? You can lay the groundwork for a successful marriage by discussing these issues honestly with your spouse, so everything is out in the open and you know what the other expects.

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3. Establish Connection Rituals

Ensure you prioritize your partner and set aside time to connect with them. Life can get hectic, and you can lose your connection easier than you may think. You can do many things to maintain your relationship with your spouse daily. Ensure you eat dinner together without phones and talk about your day. Plan a regular date night. Any intentional time spent can maintain your connection with your partner.

4. Act Like a Team

It can be challenging to begin thinking like a team when you’ve been independent for a while. Your spouse is your teammate and your lifelong companion. Prioritize each other and learn to act like a united front. You can still work independently and have your own life.
However, you should learn each other’s boundaries and do your best to respect them. Work together to accomplish your goals and push each other to be the best versions of yourselves.

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5.  Learn to Resolve Conflict

Learning how to resolve conflict as a married couple is essential to a good marriage. Identifying your attachment styles can help you build a strong connection with your partner and establish a strong foundation for your future.
Marriage has its ups and downs, and learning to roll with the punches will help you thrive as a couple. Choose your battles and help each other through your differences. Effective communication lets you work through anything together.

6.  Combine or Divvy Finances

Finances can be tricky when you become a spouse. Decide whether you want to split bills and who will be in charge of paying what. If you want to combine your finances, take the time to discuss boundaries and set up a joint banking account. You can also set up automatic payments to take the stress off your shoulders. Make compromises when necessary and ensure you both agree on major decisions.

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7.  Make Your House a Home

Incorporate each other’s styles and decide the aesthetic of your together home. The house belongs to you, so ensure you share your space and make these decisions together. If you can’t agree, make some compromises and see how much that helps your bond and strengthens your relationship.

8.  Divide Household Chores

Discuss your strengths and use them to compromise and balance your relationship. Discuss who will do what chores so you are on the same page and know what to expect. Marriage is about balance, so there will be days when you pick up the slack and vice versa. That’s just the way it works. Ensure you are communicating and being honest with each other about what works best for you and hold each other accountable.

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9.  Take a Vacation

Take the time to travel with your spouse before kids come into the picture or life gets too hectic. Talk about your bucket list and consider making one together. Travel as much as you can in your first year of marriage, so you have plenty of time to grow closer and connect outside of the restrictions and obligations that come with daily life.

10.  Learn to Budget                      

Once you have your finances in order, learn how to budget. Determine how to save money if you want to take a vacation every year. Independent budgeting may work best for you. If that’s something you feel confident in, discuss taking the reins on your spending plans for the year. If not, sit down together and devise a plan of action for whatever you are trying to budget for.

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11.  Practice Self-Care

Don’t lose yourself in loving your spouse. Ensure you take care of yourself and prioritize your self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so consider your mental health above everything else. Go to the spa or give yourself a manicure at home — whatever you need to do.

12. Have Fun

Have adventures with your spouse. Have the most fun possible for as long as it can last. Life can be hard sometimes, and your partner should be your haven from the outside world. Laugh with each other and do as many fun things as you can. Don’t let your connection fade by getting bogged down with responsibilities and forgetting to enjoy each other.

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It can be challenging to learn how to be a team and navigate life together during your first year of marriage. Learn how to lean on each other and overcome obstacles to build a strong foundation for your future.





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