No Honeymoon? 6 Ways to Make the Most Out of the First Days of Marriage

Weddings of 30 people or less may be back on here in the UK but what about the Honeymoon? It seems you can now hold a small ceremony and a sit down reception, but going abroad on honeymoon may be a bit harder. With so many travel restrictions and quarantine rules, you may want to re-consider your honeymoon plans until travel bans are lifted. BUT you have just got married, you need some ways to celebrate the first days of marriage. Today I have invited Kiley Morrow onto the blog to give us all some fab ideas of ways to make the most of the first days of marriage. Who needs a fancy holiday anyway!!

No Honeymoon? 6 Ways to Make the Most Out of the First Days of Marriage

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The current pandemic has forced everyone to change their plans, and yes, that includes travel plans. For newlyweds, it’s a given to go on a honeymoon after the ceremony but unfortunately, going on that beautiful destination won’t be possible as everyone is required to stay in their homes.

Fortunately, there are still things that you can do to make this home-based honeymoon special. Here’s some ideas to make the most out of your first days of your marriage.

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  1. Wear special loungewear

Loungewear is big these days with everyone staying in their homes. Splurge on a set for you and your partner and wear it in the comfort of the new space that both of you share. Don’t just settle for cheap material. If you splurge on your vacations, you should splurge on your loungewear as well. Think luxurious materials like cashmere or silk. This will make the act of lounging even more special.

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  1. Consider a staycation

Airlines may be closing their doors on flights but it might be a totally different case with hotels and accommodations. Check your area to see if there are resorts or bed and breakfasts that are still open and book a few days stay there. This is a great excuse to get out of the house and will make your honeymoon still feel like an official getaway.

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  1. Plan your official honeymoon

Since you can’t have your official honeymoon at the moment, why not just plan it for now? Spend an afternoon daydreaming with your spouse about the places you want to go after this pandemic is over. You have plenty of time to prepare so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Maybe you’ll want to do a tour of the pyramid ruins in Egypt or a trek to the coldest glacier in Argentina. Once you have decided on a destination, it’s time to plan the logistics and come up with a budget. Now you’ll have a goal to work towards!

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  1. Get rid of distractions

It can be easy to fall into the rabbit hole of news headlines and social updates from friends about the coronavirus. This is a time you should be enjoying with each other so make it a point to get rid of such distractions on your first few days as a married couple. For instance, you can both agree to unplug for the rest of the week or turn off news and social media notifications on your phone.
Boredom is a trigger that will make you want to check into these things so you’ll want to plan a full itinerary with your spouse. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The point is to be relaxed and entertained, not bored.

  1. Shop for your home

Put that honeymoon fund to good use and shop for furniture in your home instead! Evaluate your current space and decide together what items you need. Maybe your living room has no seating yet so you’ll need a nice new couch. Or that mattress in your bedroom doesn’t really feel comfortable to sleep in so you can go ahead and find a mattress you both like. This can be a fun and fulfilling activity for both of you. You get to enjoy the highs of online shopping while creating a space that the two of you can truly call your own.

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  1. Get takeout

With all that money you’re able to save from not having to travel, you can spend it instead of fancy takeaway. You get to save yourself the hassle of cooking meals while supporting local businesses that could be suffering at this time. Look around your local area for restaurants that offer delivery and have fun picking out appetizing items from the menu.

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Which of these honeymoon ideas are you going to try out with your spouse? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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