Ask The Experts: 8 Effective Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Planning a wedding and actually being and staying married are two different things. So much thought goes into the look and feel of the wedding day, the colours, the details, sometimes the actual act of being married can get lost. Once the wedding is over you have a life time together as a couple, so you really need to be thinking and planning ahead for a healthy and long lasting marriage. I have been married for 13 years now, most of those 13 year have been very happy, but there have of course been the odd argument, disagreements and situations that have come our way that have challenged our relationship. You have to learn as a couple how to deal with those situations, the ones that throw you off kilter and the ones that are sprung upon you.
You need to ensure your marriage stays solid and healthy, just like ensuring regular exercise and nutrition to maintain a healthy body. Having a healthy marriage is easily achievable if you put in the right effort. We have put together a list of things you can do to keep your marriage healthy. So let’s dive right in.

1. Know Yourself First

To have a happy marriage, you need to know yourself first. To know your partner, you first must have enough knowledge about what you want from the marriage. If you make it a point to learn about yourself first, you will be able to grow as an individual and be a better spouse. Learn what things you have to offer your spouse and what strengths you can bring to strengthen the marriage. The journey to self-discovery is always the primary route to having a healthy marriage. Make all the changes that you want if that makes you a better person, even if you want to explore how to change your name after marriage. There are no bad decisions, but consult with your partner and think about it.

2. Learn To Deal With Conflict

Every relationship will have to deal with conflict at some time or the other. There might be times when the conflict reaches an unsafe level and causes emotional and physical turmoil. Couples in all US states are dealing with conflict issues.
One way to deal with this is by signing a prenup. This way, you can pre-define many issues as to how you will handle things in case your marriage ends in a divorce.
Signing a Prenup In Georgia, California, or Texas is now much easier by taking the services of experienced legal firms who will walk you through the entire process.
To iron out problems in your relationship, you need to understand the issues and discuss them with your spouse. You need to work with your spouse to manage conflict, so learn to work with each other first. You can check out resources online that will enable you to make your partner feel safer and happier in the relationship.

3. Give Each Other More Time

To have a strong marriage, a couple needs to spend time with each other. For this, you can schedule date nights and make plans for the weekend. You might not always be able to plan a getaway for the weekend, but you need to at least work towards it. Spending more time with each other will enable you to know your partner better as you navigate through the different experiences of life.
This way you will be better equipped to understand each other’s weaknesses and know each other’s strengths, likes, and dislikes. Spending time together also helps you know your partner’s point of view, and thus you are better able to negotiate problems that arise down the road. Make time just to sit and talk; this way, you will be able to create a strong bond.

4.  Always Have Mutual Respect

Research reveals that putting each other down and being critical of each other are the primary sources of damage caused to any relationship. It’s easy to succumb to negativity in your marriage if the couple does not have respect for each other. You should treat your partner the way you want to be treated, leading to a strong and healthy marriage.
You can show respect for your partner easily by paying them a compliment. Don’t talk ill about your partner behind their back; always judge how you would feel if it was done to you. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding, help each other pick out personal grooming techniques to look your best at the wedding. This will show that you respect the other’s opinion.

5. Find Out Your Common Interests

Having common interests is always the best way to thrive as a couple. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy it all, but it certainly does allow for better compromise and understanding. If you both like taking part in similar activities, you will be able to enjoy each other’s company more while participating in the tasks. Common interests can range from going on walks together, to eating new foods, cooking, or playing cards. You might also discuss ways of saving money on your wedding by buying second hand wedding items. The main aim is to enjoy an activity together, making the marriage healthier.

6. Try To See The Best In Each Other

You fell in love with some of your partner’s qualities when you first met. How you feel about those qualities may have changed over time. You may feel differently about something now that you were attracted to before. This is where you need to be more considerate and try to see the best in each other.
You have to give each other the benefit of the doubt by making a list of the good things in your partner and giving more effort to be more accepting of them. This will provide a new perspective and make you have a new spin on the marriage.

7. Learn To Be More Forgiving

Sooner or later, and more often than not, your partner will do something that will upset or hurt you. And you are likely to do the same. Many times it may be done on purpose caused by an argument. You need to remember that no one is perfect; hence being able to forgive is a key virtue in any marriage.
Encouraging to forgive each other is a great way to strengthen your marriage. When your partner commits a mistake, learn to forgive it without condition, and when you make a mistake, apologise for it quickly and work towards fixing it together. You will need to give room to your partner to make mistakes as you will be committing mistakes yourself.

8. Try To Be More Intimate

Intimacy is not limited to sexuality only. You need to strive to be emotionally intimate as well. An easy way to achieve emotional intimacy is by giving your partner the confidence to open up to you completely without having a fear of being judged. Being intimate in your marriage will open your relationship up to more ways to enjoy and have a stronger marriage.
Achieving intimacy in a marriage is a wonderful way to make it stronger and healthier. You need to know the difference between physically and emotionally intimate and use them appropriately. This is important as you must offer your partner the right type of intimacy they seek at that specific moment.


When you set out to make your marriage healthy and strong, there are so many ways you can achieve that. It’s a combination of the right steps at the right time. And these are steps that you both need to take together in your marriage. Having a healthy marriage also leads to a healthy life. Hopefully, you can utilize these eight effective ways to keep your marriage healthy and have a strong and happy marriage.






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