3 Easy Ways Grooms Can Save On Wedding Costs

Weddings aren’t just about the bride, the groom can get equally excited about his big day! There is so much build up to the day, so many things to think about, one of them being the budget. Everyone knows that weddings can get expensive, so may times prices escalate and can spiral out of control if you’re not carful. A personal loan for wedding expenses is always a possibility, but grooms can always find ways to trim the budget before they resort to a loan. One helpful tool for your wedding budget is a wedding budget calculator. It allows you to estimate your wedding costs. You enter a few basic details about your wedding including wedding essentials (what you absolutely need), wedding considerable (what would be nice to have), and wedding accoutrements (what would add a little bit of sparkle to your big day) to predict your expenses.  And here are a few more ways grooms or brides for that matter can save money on their wedding day. So today we are going to look at ways that grooms, or brides for that matter can save money on their wedding day.

Here Are 3 Easy Ways Grooms Can Save On Wedding Costs


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1. The Guest List

No two individuals have the same idea of what constitutes a perfect wedding. For some, it’s a huge blowout event with hundreds of people. Others might want something quieter and more intimate.
If you’re a groom who finds that your wedding costs are spiralling out of control, trimming the guest list might be a way to strike a balance between a massive event and a smaller one. If you and your spouse-to-be have many friends and relatives, you can revisit the list of those who you want to attend before you officially send out the invitations.
Maybe there are a few people like your more distant relatives you were going to invite just to be polite, but you feel it will do no harm to leave them off the list. Think hard about every old friend, coworker, or neighbour. Everyone you can leave off the list means you’re spending less on hors d’oeuvres and entrees.

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2. The Ring

You can probably get away with a wedding ring that’s not so ostentatious. Maybe you want one that’s gold encrusted with diamonds, but weddings are supposed to be about committing to the person you love and not materialism.
You can probably find wedding rings made of stainless steel, tungsten, cobalt, and other materials that won’t break the bank. They’re popular models these days, and they’re all virtually indestructible.
If you insist on something more high-end, like gold, you can get a simple band without getting it engraved. An engraving is romantic, but if you’re not starting this marriage with a lot of money, simplicity means practicality, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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3. The Bachelor Party

Some grooms feel like they need an elaborate bachelor party to commemorate one of the last nights they’re single. You might want to fly to Las Vegas or some other exotic destination and pop endless bottles of bubbly.
You can have a much quieter and more subdued event and have just as much fun. Maybe you can invite the best man and a few of your best friends and acquaintances and hang out in your backyard or a local watering hole.
It might not have the glitz and glamor of a crazy night at a strip club, but it’s probably best to avoid that kind of thing anyway. You don’t want to do anything you’ll regret, nor do you want to say your vows while nursing a hangover.

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You might not have a ton of money when you get married, and there’s something to be said for frugality and practicality. You can save money on the event if you sit down with your fiancé and talk about cutting anyone from the guest list who you don’t feel particularly needs to be there.
You can go to a local bar for a low-key bachelor party or just have a few friends over to your house instead. You can also get a more modestly-priced ring instead of a gold one covered in diamonds.
Remember, your marriage should not be about money. What matters is the public declaration of love you make to the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your days.





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