Ask The Experts: How to Pull off a Tight-Budget Wedding

I think it’s fare to say that things in the world are pretty strange at the moment. The global pandemic has got everyone changing lifestyles and changing their wedding plans. Money for a lot of people may not be as abundant as before but not to worry, you can and will get married, even if you have to slash your budget to do so. Today I have enlisted the help of wedding expert James onto the blog. He is going to be giving us a few great ideas of how to cut costs so you can still get married but for a fraction of the price.

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How to Pull off a Tight-Budget Wedding

Weddings don’t need to be grand. The reason that people get married is to profess their love and be by each other’s side for as long they live. Given that, pleasing anyone with a grand celebration isn’t an essential marriage requirement. 

With these things said, weddings can still take place if you’re under a tight budget. If you refuse to limit your creativity and usefulness, you can pull off a wedding without breaking your bank account. It doesn’t matter whether you pay for your wedding costs in monthly installments or all in one go: there’s no need for yourself and your soon-to-be spouse to be swimming in debt. To help you with the planning, here are some budget-friendly ideas for your 2020 wedding.

Avoid bloating your wedding guest list

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Seriously, you don’t need to invite everyone you know to your wedding. If your budget is only enough to accommodate your and your spouse’s immediate family members, your friends will understand. Throwing everyone onto the guest list is not a great idea. Remember that every name you add means additional costs. Also, the more guests you have, the less intimate your wedding will be.

To a certain degree, most couples planning for their weddings fall into this trap, their guest list grows and grows to a point where they end up inviting people they’re not very close with because they felt obligated. This is not the path you should take if you’re on a tight budget. You can start whittling down your list by 25%, then by another 25% until you reach a number that you can afford to feed and entertain.

Ask your family and friends for help instead of gifts

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Paying for a wedding planner, along with the services of a photographer, singer, masters of ceremony, and other wedding-related roles can take a toll on your budget. Yes, having a professional take care of the nitty-gritty of the wedding preparation can save you from the stress and hassle, but they can also demand a huge fraction of your wedding budget. Remember, you have a whole new life ahead of you. You need to save more for your future as a family instead of spending it all on your wedding.

So, instead of hiring people to help you with these aspects of the wedding, ask your family or friends if they’re willing to be the photographer, singer, MC, or wedding planner. Instead of asking for wedding gifts, asking for wedding help can make more sense. You’ll be surprised at how they’ll respond to your request.

Hold the wedding ceremony and reception outdoors or at home

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Instead of burning your wedding budget by renting a hall or building for the ceremony, do it at home or outdoors. If you have a wide backyard or a farm, you can arrange a wedding that’ll fit the theme of your venue. In fact, having a backyard wedding saves money, and can still be an amazing day.  Alternatively, you can go for public parks with picturesque views.

If you are taking the outdoor route, make sure that you have a back-up plan just in case the weather turns bad. You don’t want to get everyone soaked with an absolute downpour. You can rent a tent and some huge industrial fans just in case it gets really hot. If you don’t have wedding tents yet, make sure to get them from trusted providers such as Accel Rentals so you can be confident you are renting the most reliable ones.

Ask your family to help cater the food for your wedding

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Ask any family member or friend who is willing to prepare the food for you. This can drastically reduce your wedding costs. Plus, you can go all out on the menu. Instead of hiring an expensive caterer, prepare it at home and blow everyone away with the taste and food quality. The money you can save from the caterer’s fee can be used to add more food to the menu and even make the food choices more varied.

While you’re busy planning your wedding, don’t forget to also seek help from local wedding suppliers. If you personally handle the flower picking, cake tasting, and other aspects of the wedding, you’ll be able to save even more money.



These tips can help you pull off a budget wedding without making it cheap. The beauty of a minimal budget is that you get to explore your creative side while bringing all people important to you together. You see, if your family, friends, and trusted wedding suppliers come together to get involved in the preparation, your wedding will surely become a true manifestation of unconditional love.





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