Ask The Experts: How to Have an Incredible Small Budget Wedding

The thought of having an inexpensive wedding can be scary for some, how can you have the wedding of your dreams on a small budget? We sometimes feel pressured to go above and beyond, but you don’t have to live large to have an incredible time. After all, the very essence of a boho wedding relies on a carefree spirit and found pleasures.
Whether you’re funding your wedding with a personal loan, help from your parents or with change from your couch, there are plenty of ways to make one of the best days of your life something to remember, even on a small budget. Today we look at a few ways you can host a fabulous wedding on a small budget.

How to Have an Incredible Wedding on a Small Budget

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Schedule Your Reception on the Weekday

If possible, schedule your reception on a day other than Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday. Your wedding will cost more if it takes place on the weekend, but on a Thursday (before a holiday) or Friday, you could save yourself hundreds even thousands!

Limit Attendants and Invitations

Instead of inviting all of your friends ad family, pick a select few. This is a great idea if you have a big family, as it ensures people won’t feel left out if you choose your parents and closest friends. With fewer attendants comes fewer mailed invitations, but you can save more if you use email. Few guests mean less meals to pay for, so bring the rice down quite dramatically.

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Host the Rehearsal Dinner at Home

It costs money to hold your rehearsal dinner at the venue, so avoid that extra cost by having it at your home or in the park. Ask your friends and family to help you make food, and select meals that can serve a crowd of people for little money, like pasta, pulled pork, or French fries.

Ask for Personalised/Hand-Made Gifts

To make your wedding inexpensive for your guests, create a ledger filled with low-cost items, like stationary or used books. If your friends are artistic, suggest a personalized wedding gift that they customized or built from scratch, such as artwork, a cookbook, or holiday decoration.

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Don’t Wear Traditional Attire

A traditional white wedding gown can cost thousands but there are many options if you want a cheaper option. Sample sales are always a good idea, also the high street have lots of wonderful options.  If you’re going to rent a tux, consider buying a new suit as they’re often the same price as a rental. Or, you could get married in fancy attire that you already own.

Select a Non-Traditional Venue

Public gardens, art venues, restaurants, and city-run spaces are cheaper to rent out and are often located near other dining establishments, reducing the need for transportation. If you want to be married in a church, smaller local churches are typically free or very cost-efficient.

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Have a Cocktail Party (No Open Bar)

If you’re dead set on having a catered wedding, then choose less pricey food items (no meat or hard-to-get foods). However, a closed-bar cocktail party that serves only beer can keep costs way down. You can also cut costs by choosing a small wedding cake and avoiding champagne.

Keep Your Decorations Simple

Some couples will budget for costly non food items, like china, tablecloths, glassware, servers, and bartenders. This is a great idea, as it can be hard to limit these costs without sacrificing quality. However, you can make your decorations (mason jars!) or buy flowers at the grocer. Remember DIY is your friend, so much can be made by yourself or talented friends and family and it can make the wedding so much more personal.

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Hire an Art School Photographer

If you want to remember your big day through photographs, consider hiring an art school photographer. Not only are they usually cheaper, but they’ll jump at the change to expand their portfolios. Just don’t “pay them with exposure,” as that isn’t fair to the photographer.

Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

We understand the appeal of being pampered before your wedding, but a hair and makeup artist can often really push your wedding budget up. Instead, watch Youtube tutorials about wedding makeup and hairstyles and practice your skills ahead of time. You can even do your bridesmaids’ makeup, or why not ask a talented friend to help you.

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