Coronavirus and Weddings – Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 

As you know the Coronavris has taken over the world. We are all effaced by it and yes it’s pretty bloody rubbish! Couples all across the world have had their wedding plans ruined and now are left with a choice, do they cancel completely or postpone to a new date?
Wedding suppliers are finding it incredibly tough at the moment, with all these cancelled weddings they have no income coming in so the future is looking pretty uncertain.
I have invited Nicole from LoveYouWedding onto the blog to give us her thoughts on the situation and help you deiced what you should be doing.

Coronavirus and Weddings - Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 

Photo by Salt & Sea Photography – full wedding HERE

Coronavirus and Weddings - Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 

How The Coronavirus is Affecting Weddings and why you should Postpone not cancel 


All around the world events are getting cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Whether we are talking about big events, like concerts and galas, or personal occasions, like graduation parties and baptisms, people need to reconsider their actions.The biggest question on every bride-to-be’s mind, though, is will weddings be cancelled due to coronavirus? The answer? Not necessarily.

Most countries are no on lock-down, banning citizens from leaving their homes for anything beyond absolutely urgent business. Others banned events with more than two people. Even nations that haven’t outright banned large gatherings are “strongly urging” their citizens to use common sense and stick to small groups.

Brides are unsure about whether they should postpone or cancel completely because the situation is very unsure. Nobody knows how long things will be this way or when our lives will get back to normal. It could be next week, next month, or next year. We literally have no answers and no idea when we’ll even get those answers.

There are many people in this position and some of them shared their stories on BBC News.

For example, Holly Easton and her fiance were supposed to get married in April. They were going to have a beautiful spring wedding in Tokyo. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 threat, they had to cancel everything, as the risk was just too great.

“I couldn’t forgive myself if our celebration became the cause of a serious health condition. I’m also worried that my dad and my brother wouldn’t be allowed to enter Japan. We just don’t know what the situation will be at the time and I wouldn’t want to go ahead without them being here.”

Coronavirus and Weddings - Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 

photo by Blythe Eland Photography  – full wedding  HERE

Consider postponing rather than cancelling your wedding

While some couples are outright cancelling their weddings, postponing is the more logical solution. With the situation evolving every day, it just makes more sense from both a financial and an emotional standpoint.

Consider this, vendors are unlikely to give you a full refund for cancelling your wedding entirely, especially so close to the event, which could leave you out of pocket. The couple above, for example, lost a lot of money by cancelling.

Mike, Holly’s father stated, “We cannot get our money back for the flights and hotel, so stand to write off approximately £5,000. I have tried to claim back through my credit card but despite being on hold for nearly 90 minutes (as everyone else is trying to get through too) they say there is nothing they can do.”

That seems to be the case with many couples. Even those with wedding and/or travel insurance are having a hard time getting their money back. While some insurers have a “for any reason at all” clause (at a hefty premium), most just plain don’t cover cancellations because you “might get sick,” or “don’t want to risk the health of others.” Remember, just a couple of months ago, the idea that an entire wedding would need to be cancel ed because of a virus never even occurred to anyone.

Coronavirus and Weddings - Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 

photo by Photo Design – full wedding here

Postponing is the best option

However, many vendors are more willing to work with you if you postpone your wedding instead. Remember, they’re in the same situation as you right now- worrying about how you’ll stay healthy and feed your family. So, reach out to them and discuss your options before you just pull the plug on your entire event.

People are doing their best to stay together these days and we are hoping that after this whole story is over, new chapters will be written. There is a silver lining to everything and this may be the perfect time to stay in and really think about how you’ll make your big day even more special. Remember a month ago when you thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make homemade soap for everyone? If only I had the time!” Well, now you have plenty of that!

Yes, it may be hard to cope with the fact that the biggest day of your life needs to be pushed off, but once all of this passes there will be plenty of time for celebrating.

Coronavirus and Weddings - Why You Should Postpone not Cancel 




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