What to Consider When Planning a Wedding

I have been lucky enough to share some beautiful weddings with you this week, along with some super informative wedding articles. I am finishing off the week with a bit of basic wedding planning advice. Sometimes with the planning process, it is best to take things back to basics and start at the beginning. There is so much to consider when planning a wedding, limitless possibilities and choices. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin. So today I have broken the planning process into 4 different sections to make it super easy and stress free. Here are the key things to consider to make the planning process more manageable and give you some peace of mind.

photo by  OkCrowe Photography. – full wedding here

Tips on Planning a Wedding

Though the devil is certainly in the details when it comes to planning a wedding, it can be helpful to remember that – aside from the rings and legal bits – there are only really four absolute essentials that need to be organised for your wedding to happen:

  • The date and location
  • The guest list
  • The invitations
  • Choose your wedding suppliers
  • Of course, within each of these lies heaps to think about, from getting the most delicious icing to frost your cake to making sure that your most embarrassing relative paces themselves with the drinks at your reception. Whether it’s a simple, dressed-down but stylish affair that suits you best or a luxurious banquet with all the most elaborate frills, get these four things right and your wedding is off to a great start.

Find the perfect location and set the date

Photo by Karin Lundin – full wedding here

The best thing about planning a wedding is that it can express your unique personality and wonderful relationship with your significant other, whether that’s by deciding on a goofy theme that matches your sense of humour or compiling a gift list that perfectly encapsulates your wishes for the future. However, the one feature that is really going to set the personal tone of your wedding more than any other the the location and date.

Whether you dream of hosting your wedding in a magical castle covered in glistening snow or in a rustic farmhouse surrounded by meadows and sunshine, it’s likely that you already have some idea of when and where you’d like your wedding to be. Unless you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure to pick a time and place that is likely to work for your nearest and dearest. The time of year can also impact your budget, as the spring and summer months are notoriously more expensive for most wedding-related bookings.

Most importantly, make sure you look out for wedding clashes! Plan ahead to ensure that you nab the date you want, as even a friend’s friend’s wedding on the same date could impact your wedding attendance.

Choosing your guests

photo by Raluca Rodila Photography – full wedding here

You probably already have some idea of who your maid of honour, bridesmaids, ushers and best man are going to be, and telling them is often the most joyous part of the wedding planning process. What’s more, it’s likely that some of them will want to lend a welcome helping hand in planning parts of the wedding (phew).

Deciding who to invite to the ceremony and who to invite to the reception – and what to do about trickier attendees such as colleagues, plus ones or even exes – often proves a much more difficult task than choosing your bridal party. However, once you’ve chosen the perfect venue, you will have an idea of its capacity and how much of your budget you have left. Before excitedly drawing up your dream guest list and risking getting carried away, start by working out exactly how much you can afford to spend per head.

Pick the perfect wedding invitations

Now that you’ve settled on your dream guest list, it’s time to get inviting! Remember that your invitations will be your first opportunity to set the theme or tone of your wedding for your loved ones, so they should be considered carefully. Traditionally, you will want to send out both a ‘save the date’ around six to eight months before your wedding, with invitations being sent two to three months before.

Your wedding invitations are the crucial first expression of the style and personality of your big day, and there are loads of options available to you. If you have the time and a love for crafts, you may want to think about designing your own invites to add a personal touch. If time is tight – or you’re just useless with scissors and glitter! – you should find a high-quality bespoke printer with plenty of experience in manufacturing classy, personalised invites, such as the wedding invitations by Downey. Either way, make sure your chosen invitations embody the character of your special day perfectly.

Choose your ideal wedding suppliers

photo by Mae Rachelle Photography – full wedding here

So you’ve picked your dream location, sorted your bridal party and guest list and sent out the invites. Now it’s time to make sure each detail is perfect and give your wedding that ‘wow!’ factor.

Pace yourself, as it’s at this point that you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things to think about. Begin by drawing up a detailed checklist. Though there are many factors to consider – such as accommodation for out-of-town guests, transport and, of course, what you’ll be wearing – we recommend organising your checklist into the main categories.

Now the planning process becomes 100% about your personality – so remember to have fun with it! You have the opportunity to shine as you consider what to eat, how to entertain your guests and how to give your venue a magical atmosphere. The best way to go about this process is to do lots of research, start making a scrapbook or compile Pinterest boards containing wedding ideas you love.

And finally, our most important tip for planning your wedding: don’t forget to enjoy yourself!



So there you have it – the basics of what to consider when planning your dream wedding. I hope this article has helped set your mind at ease. Have I missed anything out? What are you having problems with in the planning process? What part are you enjoying the most? I would love to hear from you and your planning story.



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    chidera okobo

    I love that this article talks about the wedding guests as something to consider when planning your wedding and it did not just do that in terms of number. In Nigeria, a lot of people plan their wedding without taking into consideration the type of people they invite and whether or not this person adds to your overall happiness on that day. They compromise their joy on their wedding day by inviting people they aren’t comfortablewith just to make their families happy, and that just sucks.


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