Wedding Planner Wednesday: How to make your wedding day different

How to make your wedding day different

As a wedding planner it’s my job to make sure that each wedding is as good as it can be, and that it’s not the same as the one before or the one I’m working on the following week. I’m a strong believer of letting your personality shine through on your wedding day.
The wedding industry has changed significantly over the last few years, no longer are you tied to a hotel wedding package, where each wedding seems to be going round on a conveyer belt of sameness……these days people are being given the freedom to use their imagination and really go to town on their wedding day.

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In my personal onion, I feel the recession as bad as it has been, has actually been a good thing for the wedding industry, it’s made people use their money more wisely and act on their creativity more. The days of huge opulence and everything being done on a massive scale are, well not dead and gone, but a lot less than they have been. People simply don’t have the money to spend on their wedding day like they used to so they are looking for ways to make their wedding day different.

On a personal note I made the conscious decision when planning my own wedding to move away from what was expected of me. I had my wedding day planned, country marquee, church wedding 3 course sit down meal….but thank god I changed my mind and thank god my husband let me. (and my suppliers) Instead we moved the whole thing to Ibiza, cut the guest list by 70% and had the wedding we wanted…………and it was perfect!

So how can you make your wedding different?

  • Throw the rule books out the window and forget about tradition, some of the best weddings I know about, are weddings were neither the bride or groom had been to a wedding before, so had no preconceived idea of what a wedding should be like
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  • Create a mood board, start with all the things you like, colours, patterns, keep a collection of all the things you find you like, One image could trigger off the underlying theme for the whole of the wedding day
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  • Think about different places to hold your ceremony and reception, be imaginative, is there somewhere you really like but not sure if they would hold a wedding……just ask. Your favourite restaurant, a friends back garden, how about a Tipi tent or a Yurt?
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