Ask The Experts: When Do You Really Need Two Wedding Photographers? With James and Lianne

This afternoon We are talking Wedding Photography in our Ask the Experts feature. Being a photographer myself I cannot stress enough the importance of having a great photographer on your wedding day. When the wedding is over you want to be able to cherish your wedding pictures forever, not feel disappointed that you made the wrong choice…. Read more »

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Purple Wedding Flowers

Flower School – Purple Wedding Flowers with Campbell’s Flowers

This afternoon Boho’s Flower School is back as I welcome good friend Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers back to the Blog.  As you will know Tracey is a regular contributor to the Blog. Last time Tracey talked us through yellow wedding flowers , which I LOVED! and today she will be moving onto purple wedding flowers. Purple seems to be a big colour at the moment, I am seeing it… Read more »



wedding photography pricing

The Real Cost of Wedding Photography

A Couple of weeks ago I released the results of my Boho Readers Survey and I have to say I wasn’t quite ready for some of the feedback I got back. Talks of budgets, themes, the hatred for styled shoots! but what came out as one of the biggest talking points was the price that you brides are paying for wedding photography! With a MASSIVE 34.2% of you… Read more »

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Bridal Beauty Countdown

Bridal Beauty Countdown – A 12 Month Plan to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Today we are talking beauty on the Blog and the whole array of things that you may need to think about before your big day! But don’t worry it’s not me giving out the advice today (although quite frankly I could probably do with some myself at the moment) I have enlisted Hair and Make up Expert Jen Edwards who is going… Read more »



Autumn Flowers

Flower School – Seasonal Autumn Flowers with Campbell’s Flowers

It’s flower time again on the Blog! This time autumn Flowers. With the leaves falling from the trees and the nights drawing in it’s evident that summer has gone and autumn is well and truly here! So I’ve invited  Tracey Campbell from Campbell’s Flowers back to the blog to talk to you about seasonal autumn flowers. Tracey is an expert in all things floristry and a fountain of flower knowledge.   I’ll pass the Blog over to Tracey……………. Well, the… Read more »

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yellow wedding flowers

Flower School – Yellow Wedding Flowers with Campbell’s Flowers

This afternoon Boho’s Flower School is back as I welcome good friend Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers back to the Blog.  Tracey is now a regular on the Blog as she has been talking to us about seasonal flowers. So far she has given us a run down fo all things summer flowers and in the next few weeks she will be… Read more »



summer seasonal flowers - Hydrangea

Flower School – Summer Seasonal Flowers with Campbell’s Flowers

Last week I introduced you all to Tracey Campbell from Campbell’s Flowers who is my new guest blogger. Tracey is an expert in all things florestry and is based here in Sheffield, she is a fountain of flower knowledge here to help with all your flower questions. Last week Tracey talked to us about the importance of Buying flowers which are… Read more »



Campbell's Flowers

Flower School – A Bride’s Guide to Seasonal Flowers with Campbell’s Flowers

Today I am delighted to welcome a new Guest Blogger to the Boho Blog. Tracey Campbell from Campbell’s Flowers will be a regular on the blog as she talks through all things flowers, from seasonal flowers to different coloured flowers to go with your colour scheme, to new ideas and DIY posts. Tracey who is based in Sheffield… Read more »