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cape town engagement

Kate & Chris – Dogs, Sunshine and an Old-time Rambler in Cape Town by DNA Photographers

I don’t often post engagement or couple shoots on the blog, but when I was sent his beautiful shoot by DNA Photographers all the way from South Africa I couldn’t say no! Why? well it’s the gorgeous use of light, something we don’t often see in this country due to the rubbish weather (apart from this week of course) When… Read more »



proposal photography shoot

A Surprise Proposal…….Complete With Food Fight!

I have something a bit different for you today and something I haven’t featured on the blog before, it’s a proposal shoot. This afternoon I will be covering wedding proposal, so I thought this shoot tied in very well with today’s proposal theme! The lucky lady is Brenna and the very brave man is Drew. Drew asked photographer Latisha Carlson from New Mexico… Read more »