Bridal Beauty Countdown – A 12 Month Plan to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Today we are talking beauty on the Blog and the whole array of things that you may need to think about before your big day!

But don’t worry it’s not me giving out the advice today (although quite frankly I could probably do with some myself at the moment) I have enlisted Hair and Make up Expert Jen Edwards who is going to be telling you all about what you need to be doing during the run up to your wedding.


Here’s a little bit more about Jenn: Bobbi Brown Pro Make up artist, Bridal hair stylist, Beauty consultant and member of ‘The Guild of Beauty Therapists’ with a career spanning over 10 years.  Jenn says the key to managing a successful career, as well as being a wife and mummy, is to be super-organised, find a balance and allow for some ‘me’ time.  With this philosophy in mind, Jenn has put together a step-by-step beauty countdown along with key expert advice to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful ‘you’ on your wedding day.’


Bridal Beauty Countdown

You’re dashing about on the hunt for your dream dress, sending out invitations that took you days to make, trying to find a telepathic florist because you know what they are but don’t know the name, there’s the seating arrangements, the cake, the rings, the favours, the honeymoon… the list goes on and on! But remember to BREATHE. Try not to neglect one of the most important tasks of all – getting yourself looking and feeling great in preparation for one of the biggest days of your life.


Bridal Beauty Countdown

Think healthy 

♥ If you are unhappy with your weight or just have a poor diet in general then start a healthy eating plan.  Bad habits and too much caffeine mixed with wedding planning stress can transform a bride-to-be into Bridezilla.

♥ Try to fit regular Gym sessions into your busy schedule.  Whilst you may have a year before the wedding, you will want to reach your desired goal in time for your final dress fitting.

♥ Drink up! Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Drinking enough water is a key element for maintaining your health and general well-being, helps keep your skin looking vibrant and younger, aids digestion, improves your concentration and helps to remove toxins from your body.

Bridal Beauty Countdown

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Keeping up appearances

♥ If you want to grow your hair then now’s the time to start. Whilst growth patterns vary from person to person, you can expect up to 6” if you start now.

♥ Don’t skip haircuts.  Have the ends tidied every 4-6 weeks to keep it in good condition and if you’re debating on a new hair colour then do it now – don’t take risks too near the day.

♥ Start a good cleansing and moisturizing daily routine, and consider consulting a dermatologist or making appointments for monthly facials.

♥ Your hands will most definitely be on show so these too will benefit from monthly manicures from now on and a nourishing hand cream applied daily.

♥ You may be wearing your hunter wellies or converse under that dream dress but if you’re not, and your feet or toes are on show, then treat your feet to a pedicure once a month and start applying a good moisturising foot cream at bedtime.

♥ Find that balance. Whilst your wedding is your favourite topic of conversation and consumes all of your spare time, try not to neglect yourself, your fiancé, family and friends.  Start to set one day/night a week for some non-wedding fun or quiet time to regroup.



Bridal Beauty Countdown

Book appointments NOW for big-day beauty treatments such as waxing, lash tint, nails etc. Avoid hearing those disappointing words of ‘sorry we’re fully booked

If you plan on putting your hair into the hands of a professional on your wedding day, which is advisable, then get booked in.   You will also need to make an appointment for a trial run 4-6 weeks prior to the day.   See if your stylist can come to you on your wedding day.  Do you really want to be sat in a busy salon on your wedding morning and have the added hassle of traffic and parking?

Make up
If you’re thinking of booking a professional artist, then now is the time to book. Inform your make up artist of any skin conditions or allergies you may have before meeting for the trial so she can prepare and advise.  Don’t forget to book a trial run 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day.

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Bridal Beauty Countdown


Maintain your healthy eating regime. Crash diets are damaging to your health and don’t work long term.  Load up on fruits and veggies for energy, and watch the salt and fat. And drink up – you know the rules!

A sneaky tip: If you’ve had your final dress fitting and it’s still a bit snug then you could consider a temporary solution such as Inch loss body wrapping.  Whilst you don’t lose weight they do pull in all the wobbles for a day and leave you with a firmer contour. You’ll look amazing and they’ll be none the wiser!  Book this for the day prior to your wedding day.



Skin – Eye-bags on your wedding day? Not a good look!  Aim to get 8 hours of sleep per day and don’t go too close to your eyes with face creams as this can result in puffiness and can cause milia spots (milk spots). Invest in a good eye cream/gel instead.

To tan or not to tan?  If you are new to the world of fake tanning then experiment now, not near the day!  Tinted moisturisers take a while to build up a colour so start this now. If you are considering a professional fake tan, try it out for your hen-do – does it streak? Does the colour look natural? How does it smell on your skin?  Tip: Don’t forget to thoroughly exfoliate the day before.

Hair – You will be having a trial run with your hairstylist around this time.  Show her photos and be clear about  what you want. Don’t forget to have your veil or accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day. 

Make up – It’s also time for a make up trial to establish the exact look you want on the day. People have such different ideas and expectations when it comes to make up so be very clear about what you want and don’t leave her guessing; this is where problems can arise.    Don’t be afraid to speak up if it isn’t right first time, it’s quite normal to make a few adjustments here and there.

If you have chosen the DIY route then now may be a good time to book a lesson or makeover at a department store. Then start practising at home. You may want to treat yourself to some new, good quality cosmetics so you have a fresh new look to wow your hubby and your guests.

Bridal Beauty Countdown (Photo Source)

Bridal Beauty Countdown

♥ Get your final haircut or trim. No experimenting here, just stick to the look you love.

♥ Touch up your hair colour.

♥ Confirm big day beauty appointments.

♥ If you are feeling the pressure, book a massage or have an evening of quiet home pampering. relax, count to three and breeeeathe!

Bridal Beauty Countdown

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Bridal Beauty Countdown


You may be visiting a beauty salon on more than one occasion this week and your salon should have organised the order of your appointments for you.   Here’s an example of the order the following treatments should follow.  Try to allow 24 hours between each appointment:

♥ First appointment – All Waxing, eyebrow shape, eyelash/brow tint

♥ Second appointment – Pedicure, Manicure/Nails, Body exfolitation/scrub

♥ Third appointment –  Spray Tan

Bridal Beauty Countdown

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Bridal Beauty Countdown

♥ The most important piece of advice I can offer here is; ensure you get your full quota of sleep. Plan your day carefully to ensure you get everything done to allow you an early night.

♥ Prepare the clothes you will be wearing during your hair and make up application. Make sure your top can be removed without damaging your hairstyle. It is advisable to wear the same colour top as your wedding dress, White or Ivory for example.  Bright colours can reflect on the face and may affect make up application.

♥ When you’ve finished the mad dash, run yourself a bath, wash and condition your hair (a final rinse in cold water gives added shine). Defuzz if you’re a shaver.  Tip:If you’ve had a spray tan you should ask your therapist for aftercare instructions including hair removal. Usually, if your tan is only a day old and you exfoliated well, shaving will not affect or remove the tan.

♥ Lather yourself in body butter or cream; make sure this is one you have used before. Now is not the time to try anything new on your skin (body or face).

Bridal Beauty Countdown

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Bridal Beauty Countdown


You should, by now, have done all you need to do so, sit back and let your hair stylist and make up artist transform you into a beautiful bride.

♥ Tip: Eat! Don’t down that Champers on an empty stomach!

Bridal Beauty Countdown

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Thanks so much to Jen, that’s all amazing advice! If you have any questions for Jen on any matter of hair, makeup and beauty then do leave a comment in the box below or get in contact with her………..

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