Featured Supplier: S6 Photography Q&A

I’d like to introduce you to this weeks featured supplier: S6 Photography
I came across Jon at S6 Photography a few months back when I was trawling through Facebook, and was delighted when I found he only lived up the road!! so I popped up to meet him and his fiancé Nicola.

Jon is a breath of fresh air to the photography world, and brings with him a fantastic energy and enthusiasm for what he does. What I love about his pictures is his experimental approach to his work, trying out new ways to capture moods and atmosphere through the use of different lenses, photography techniques, his use of colour and processing.

Here are a few Q & As with the man himself.

How long have you been taking photos for?
I have a photo of me with a camera aged 4, so I’m going to say from then and luckily I have improved.

How would you describe your style?
Different but beautiful. I try to capture people in my own way

What made you get into wedding photography?
I love photographing people in life and what people do in life. I knew there was something I could add to wedding photography, particularly in our local area, so we setup S6 Photography and the rest as they say….

How far will you travel for a wedding?
Anywhere in this wonderful world. There is nothing more exciting than shooting a wedding in another country, love it.

How long do you normally spend at a wedding?
Around 12-14 hours, its essential and our choice. You cannot portray a wedding the way it was without being there all throughout the day.

What is your favorite bit of technical kit?
My Canon 5D MK2. Thankyou Canon…

What is it about wedding photography that you love?
Processing the photos afterwards and seeing that you have something beautiful and amazing to give to a couple. It feels good!

What sort of couple would be your ideal couple to photograph?
All our clients. We only seem to attract amazing people who seem excited that we’re capturing their wedding, it certainly helps working with great people.

What celeb would you like to photograph?
Can I say Daft Punk? They probably aren’t even Z-list, but they inspired me through my musical life. Nicola would want me to say the cast of sex and the city

Who is your favorite photographer and why?
I have 3. Jeff Newsom, Jesh De Rox and Jonas Peterson. All of them do something unique, and what I would say is the best wedding photography in the world. Jonas started in wedding photography only a few months before me and his rise in the wedding photography world is quite something. Go check them all out!

What is your favourite time of year to take photos?
Summer months because I photograph all my weddings with available light. A lack of light makes it challenging to keep wedding photos looking natural. I hate the harsh look of flash wedding photography.

Who is taking the photos at your own wedding?
My Cousin Steve. He’s been a landscape photographer for around 20 years. He’s nervous, but I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

What plans do you have for S6 photography this year?
We’re thinking about doing videography aswell. I know we can bring something new and exciting to that over here, but at this stage its just a thought. Canon’s HD video from their SLRs is awesome.

What makes the perfect photo?
Amazing light and amazing people.

What is your biggest achievement so far within your photography?
I’ve only entered 1 competition so far, but my image came 3rd in a global Flickr.com wedding photography competition judged by the uber-talented Jesh De Rox. That was good!

What sort of other photography do you do apart from weddings?
I seem to mostly take photos of Wilson, my dog. He seems to like the camera! I occasionally do other things locally around Sheffield including club nights, band nights and fashion shows. I only really do them for friends though as wedding photography takes up most of my life.

What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding photographer?
Visit www.s6photography.co.uk …..can I say that?

What’s the weirdest photographic request you’ve had?
We haven’t had too much strange stuff, but we did get a ‘bride email’ requesting to know our post processing techniques and album layouts. It was a photographer in disguise.

What would you like to see take off in the UK that hasn’t quite got to us yet? (photography wise)
Awesome wedding photography. It feels like we’re 5 years behind with what’s happening in the US.

What is your favourite photo that you have taken?
This one, its the one people comment about at every viewing. Everything just came together right

Thanks so much to Jon for answering my questions.

For more information about his services and to view more of his amazing pictures go to:
[email protected]

Jon has very generously given a discount on his work to any of my Boho Brides who book him while using my services.
For more information contact me on: [email protected]

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