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DIY Tutorial

I am delighted to welcome back Andrea Pittam from Kiss the Frog to the blog today. Andrea is a photographer as well as crafter and last time showed us how to make these super cute paper windmills which look great for weddings or children’s parties. Today Andrea is showing us how to make these quick and easy paper hearts. These are fantastic for wedding decorations. They can be hung around your venue on the walls or from the ceiling, or placed on tables. They are also great as wedding favours.

paper hearts

These gorgeous hearts are made from scrapbook paper so the patterns and colour options are endless.  The hearts can be hung on their own, or as a garland on a length of ribbon.

you will need words

you wil need

STEP 1) Take two sheets of matching paper, use the spray glue to stick the white sides together


STEP 2) Use the scissors to cut the paper sheet into 1” strips.  You need 7 strips for each heart.  Two need to be 12” long, two 10.5”, two 9” and one 6”

STEP 3) Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the 6” strip.  This is where you thread the ribbon through for hanging


STEP 4) Next assemble the pieces as shown.  The 6” strip is central with the hole at the top.  The 12” strips sit next to this piece on either side, followed by the 10.5” and then 9” strips.  Make sure the bottom of the strips all sit neatly at 3” from the top of the central piece.  Staple in place.

STEP 5) Bend the strips down to the bottom of the central piece of card and you will see one side of the heart form.  Do the same on the other side and use a table to make sure all your pieces of card are lying flush before you staple in place.


STEP 6) Cut a 10” piece of ribbon and thread through the hole at the top of the heart and secure with a knot.

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    Details Nashville

    This is a great idea! I love it for DIY weddings…it is affordable and elegant (not tacky in the least). Plus it goes great in pictures. I’ll share this with our current clients :)


    hello, please can you tell me where you bought the scrapbook paper from?
    many thanks!


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