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I know I keep going on about how much I love my job….but I really do! And here is a a very good reason why…….being sent boxes of chocolates to review (well I have to taste what I’m writing about!!)
I get sent a lot of suppliers details and I meen A LOT! I reply to everyone, but some get my attention more than others. So when I was sent an email from Katie at Matcha Chocolat telling me all her about her new tea infused chocolate range my it caught my attention straight away (the way to my heart is through my stomach…so yes sending me free cake or chocolate is always going to get my attention)

matcha chocolat

Matcha Chocolat’s is the brain child of Katie Chrisoffers who set up the company in March 2010. With a Masters of Science in Neurobiology from the University of Oxford she turned from Biologist to Chocolatier. The chocolates have already won awards; 1 Gold Star for ‘Secret Garden’ chocolate and 2 Gold Stars for ‘Jasmine Silver Needles’ chocolate from 2010 Great Taste Awards. They are made in Wallingford, Oxfordshire and Sold online at www.matchachocolat.com

What Katie says about Matcha Chocolat

Matcha Chocolat, is a unique artisan chocolate company dedicated to making fresh, handmade chocolates by combining fine chocolate with a wide variety of fine and rare teas, herbs, fruits, and spices from around the world.

Having become an avid fan of fine tea since moving to England from the USA, Katie Christoffers, creator or Matcha Chocolat, soon became captivated by the trend in tea flavoured cuisine. Taking particular interest in the budding friendship between tea and chocolate she began infusing a variety of regional teas with artisan chocolate. An idea was born to create a confection that would be the perfect balance between the taste of tea and chocolate…
Not a chef by trade, Katie follows a recent trend, which sees chocolatiers within Britain coming from unexpected backgrounds. Her six years experience in neuroscience and biochemistry research has merged with her passion for tea and chocolate. She now brings her own unique skills to the world of artisan chocolate.

The Chocolates
The guiding principle behind Matcha Chocolat is the marriage between provenance and originality. To that end Matcha Chocolat provides the perfect confluence of fine chocolate and tea from around the world in order to create Tea Chocolates of classic and unique flavour. This combination of tea and chocolate “provides an ideal balance of complimentary and contrasting flavours wherein both the tea and chocolate can be fully appreciated, but what really stands out, for me, is the freshness of the chocolates we’re creating,” says Katie.
Whilst most chocolates contain preservatives in order to prolong their shelf life and have a minimal amount of cream, Matcha Chocolat confections are totally fresh. “Chocolate doesn’t taste its best when it’s been sitting around in a shop for months,” says Katie, and “if you’ve become accustomed to eating fresh wholesome food, you’ll appreciate having that same quality and freshness in the occasional sweet you enjoy. That’s what I was aiming for when I started making chocolates”.
The originality of flavours found in Matcha Chocolate confections stands out as much as the emphasis on the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Some of their most popular Matcha Chocolat flavours include China Rose- milk chocolate ganache infused with Rosebud Gong Fu tea, Masala Chai- milk chocolate ganache infused with chai tea, Midnight Peony- milk chocolate ganache delicately flavoured with a black tea liqueur reminiscent of Chinese Lapsang tea, and Sencha- white chocolate ganache with an infusion of Japanese sencha green tea.

First of all I’df like to say thank you to Katie for sending me not just 1 box but 3 boxes of the chocolates, My tasting was purely for reseacrh purposes only (promise!)
The main box was an example of her gift boxes that would be great for wedding presents, gifts for the wedding party, hen party gifts…well pretty much anything. The other boxes were wedding favour ideas…….more information can be found here on the website ( CLICK HERE FOR WEDDING FAVOURS) before I ate them all I managed to take some pictures of my lovely gift:

I loved the way the chocolates look, the packaging is beautiful and would make a great gift for this reason, they look great boxed up and open…….like mini works of art. The favour boxes are lovely as well and would sit well at any wedding breakfast table. So perfect for weddings, hen parties and events.
The taste of the chocolates is quite unique, blending the idea of tea and chocolate along with the natural ingredients. Some of the chocolates have more distinctive flavours than others, with a choice of floral tea, Japanese tea, liqueur tea and scented tea flavours.

The Wedding Chocolate Favors cost £2.25, the white box with a decorative ribbon comes filled with two chocolates chosen from Matcha Chocolat’s unique
selection of flavours. Available ribbon colours: pink, white or silver. Allow for 2 week lead time.

Thanks so much to Katie for sending me the chocolates, it looks like 2010 has been a great year for her so far, so I’m hoping 2011 will be even better.
For more information go to:
[email protected]

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