Guest Blogger – The Importance of wedding insurance

Today’s Guest Blogger is Adam Leyton who has not one but two websites, Top Table Planner and compare wedding insurance.He is talking to us about a subject that far to many brides forget about when planning their wedding, but something I strongly encourage my couples to buy……….The importance of wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance – I Don’t Need That, Do I?

If someone says wedding insurance to you, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? For many people, including many Brides and Grooms to be, wedding insurance is something they’d never consider purchasing because it’s there to cover you if one of you gets cold feet and decides to cancel the wedding. That’s right isn’t it?

Actually that’s not right, but from the conversations I’ve had with many people about wedding insurance that’s what most people seem to assume it’s for. In fact, not a single UK insurer we know of covers you for what they call “cold feet”. Even in America where you can get insurance for everything (and it seems you need it too!) we’ve only ever found one company offering this sort of cover.

What does wedding insurance cover?

So if wedding insurance doesn’t cover you for cold feet, what does it cover you for then?
It actually provides financial protection for a wide range of things that might go wrong in the run up to your big day or even on the big day itself.

For example, if one of you (or a close family member even with some policies) falls ill the week before the wedding and you had to re-arrange the day, your wedding insurance policy might cover some if not all of the costs incurred as a result. Worse still, if you were critically ill and chose to cancel altogether you’d probably be able to get all your deposits back.

It doesn’t just cover the major things though that realistically only happen rarely though. Wedding insurance can also cover you for things like suppliers failing to turn up, photographs not coming out or even really insignificant things like damage to hired suits.

Some policies also cover public liability too such as if someone spilt red wine over an expensive carpet at the venue, or a guest slips on the dance floor and decides to sue for damages.

Why should I have it?

The average cost of a wedding in the UK is around the £20,000 mark and for most couples that’s the third most expensive purchase they’ll ever make! You probably wouldn’t dream about not insuring your car or your home but only one in four couples, according to recent statistics, insure their wedding.

With policies for smaller weddings starting from under £20, it really is something worth thinking about. For a similar cost to perhaps say feeding one or two extra guests, wedding insurance might provide the peace of mind that should something go wrong, you’ll at least not be left significantly out of pocket.

To find out more about getting your own wedding insurance then check out Adam’s wedding insurance site:
or chat with him on Twitter.

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    Michelle at OneBigPresent.com

    Great advice! Wedding insurance is SO important as you just never know what can crop up to change your plans!! We have friends who got married despite them BOTH having chickenpox on the day. They went ahead purely because they had no insurance and HAD to continue but the groom was feeling really lousy and looked shocking. The photographer sure had a tough job that day ;-)


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