Ask The Experts: What Will You Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day?

Here at Boho, as you know we LOVE an outdoor wedding. I feature so many amazing outdoor weddings here on the blog, they really are my favourite type, I even had one myself! However, the biggest hurdle to having an outdoor wedding is the weather, especially here in the UK where the weather is more often than not incredibly unpredictable. In a lot of cases, a little bit of a rain isn’t a problem, the odd shower here and there is workable, and I’m sure your suppliers will be keen to help with any last minute changes that need to be made. However, if it rains a lot then you really will need to rely on that Plan B (you have got a Plan B right?). Then we are talking last minute changes and all hands on deck to make that happen. With a Plan B under your belt then your wedding should go off without a hitch, BUT it wasn’t your first choice wedding and that is never ideal!

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Today I don’t have the solution to mother nature, what I do have is a financial back-up if things don’t go as planned on your wedding day and Plan B needs to be brought in. Weddie are the first purpose designed rainy wedding wedding insurance, designed just for the couples planning an outdoor weather dependent wedding. It is simple to get insured and super easy to make a claim if you do get caught out.

NOTHING is predictable when it comes to UK weather. Weddie compensates bridal couples for rainy weather on their special day and the additional costs this could cause. For a single premium payment starting at £179, your rainy wedding day may bring £5,000 lump sum!

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More About Weddie

Rain on your wedding day might make you panic? Weddie, the rainy wedding insurance is a new, innovative insurance that helps you handling rain on your big day and rounds off a thorough wedding preparation. Yes, proper planning and an alternative venue for rainy weather are essential. Additionally Weddie offers you the compensation if your plan B becomes reality and your wedding cannot take place under the open sky.

The insurance indemnifies bridal couples for rainy weather on their special day and the additional costs this could cause. For a single premium payment starting at £ 179, you will receive a lump sum in the amount of £ 5,000 in case of an insured event. This way, rain showers may turn into cash, which creates good mood despite an indoor-party and bad weather.

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The insurance provides cover if the rainfall threshold of 7.5 mm, that is 7,5 liters per square meter, is reached or exceeded within the time frame from 12:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. And this can be reached easily as for example normal rain has an intensity of approx. 1-1.5 mm/hour, moderate rain has an intensity of approx. 3.0 mm/hour, heavy rain approx. 5.0 mm/hour and downpour 5.0 mm/5 minutes.


  • £ 5,000 for rainy weather on the wedding day
  • Good mood even when rain thwarts your wedding plans
  • Lump sum for free use
  • Easy and automatic claims settlement: You do not have to make a claim, Weddie informs you automatically if all criteria for the payment are fulfilled.
  • In case of a valid claim there is no need for proof of damage.

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Costs: A single premium is calculated individually on the basis of the wedding date and location and starts at £ 179.


  • Dorset House / West Sussex – mid June – premium approx. £179
  • Combermere Abbey / Cheshire – beginning of May – premium approx. £217,56
  • Holmewood Hall / Holme – beginning of June – premium approx. £288,12

Image Source: Photo by Jon from S6 Photography

So do get your Plan B locked down, make sure you have an alternative ceremony location, make sure you have umbrellas at hand, make sure that everyone has access to alternative footwear and make sure all your suppliers are clued up as to what to do if the worst weather happens.  BUT as well as this make sure you take out Weddie Insurance, just in case things do go wrong!  


For more Information on Rainy Day Insurance go to

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