Diary of a Bride to be…….Be brave… be Boudoir…

This week it’s week 3 to the run up to our, now very soon to be bride, Emma. This week Emma has a real treat for us, as she very bravely shares with us her experience and photos from her Boudoir photo shoot.

Be brave… be Boudoir

Last year, a friend of mine introduced me to the hottest new bridal craze, the Boudoir photoshoot. If you’ve never heard of this, try and visualize a present that would get your man practically dancing down the aisle as he thinks he’s about to marry the next Cindy Crawford. It’s a photo-shoot designed to make you look your absolute best…in your absolute skimpiest.

one of the fabulous images created by www.myboudoir.co.uk to make you look and feel amazing!

I booked my shoot about 9 months ago through the amazing and award winning Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell of Bury, Lancashire and spent at least 8 of those months stressing about my bingo wings and doing bicep curls with tins of baked beans. Despite the reassuring words on the website and the unbelievable before and after photo gallery, I just couldn’t stop worrying that my rapidly growing eye bags and expanding cellulite was going to be too much for the airbrush to handle…

The night before my 9 am shoot I literally couldn’t sleep a wink. Having furtively sneaked £100 worth of new La Senza lingerie in to my car, I drove to Nicola’s in the most terrifying state of the day- minus make up. On arrival, Nicola greeted me with a huge heart warming smile and instantly made me feel like this might be something I’d be able to do. The talented Michelle Sisson took control of my hair and make up- taking note of the fact I wanted a vintage glam look, she completed the look with false eyelashes and red hot lippy.
Make up done, it was time to get in to my stockings and suspenders. Believe me, at 10am on a rainy Manchester morning, the thought of baring all seemed less appealing by the minute! Nicola helped me with those pesky back suspender clips and we were ready to go! Spending the time positioning me to eradicate double chins and directing me like a pro, Nicola had me relaxed and posing away in no time. We got through three outfit changes and I didn’t even flinch when she suggested the last few shots would be better in the nude!

I spent a couple of hours in Nicola’s cosy home and loved every minute of it. The hardest part however was yet to come… the 7 – 10 day wait to see the pics! After checking my blackberry manically for a week, the much anticipated email popped in to my inbox containing the link to my very own online gallery. I don’t think I could have logged on any quicker if a date with David Beckham depended on it. When the gallery loaded and the first picture came up, I almost had to do a double take. I honestly couldn’t believe it; it looked like me but with flawless skin, no trace of dimply thighs and hair that could star in its own shampoo advert. I am so proud of them; I emailed all my girlfriends the link immediately and revelled in their gasps of amazement.
The hard book copy arrived last week and it’s taken all my reserve not to thrust it under my fiancés nose as he sits and play’s games on his phone. But I’ll wait… it’s going to be the best wedding present he could ever hope for… and one that I can look back on in 20 years and realise how hot I was!

Check out the website www.myboudoir.co.uk and believe me, you’ll be booking yourself in and digging out your smalls before you know it!

And here are a couple of images from the shoot that Emma has been kind enough to share with us. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say she looks totally FABULOUS, these pictures are totally stunning. Emma’s soon to be Husband is in for a real treet!!

image courtesy of www.myboudoir.co.uk image courtesy of www.myboudoir.co.uk

To find out more about Emmas journey as a bride to be go to: Emmas Blog
Come back in a couple of weeks for Emma’s last feature before her big day!

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    Great post! It’s not for everyone – but it can be! Too shy? then the images can appear mysterious and coy – you don’t have to be too undressed; wear something comfortable and enjoy!


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