Engaged Couples Wanted For New BBC3 Pilot

I had a very exciting phone call a few days ago from Jodie who is an assistant producer working for ‘Love Productions’ who is making a new programme for BBC3. She told me about a new wedding TV programme that is about to be launched.
This time the it’s not all about your hysterical bride, and guests that slag each wedding off…….it’s not about the groom getting it totally wrong. This time the TV makers are tacking a new approach to weddings and exploring the relationships people have and their expectations of marriage.

So do you want to get involved??? Here’s the details:

Engaged Couples Wanted For New BBC3 Pilot


Are you getting ready to say the big “I do”?

We are looking for young couples (18-35) who are interested in taking a voyage of discovery with their partner – an experience designed to give their marriage a better chance of lasting the course. 

You need to be planning to get married in the next 12 months and be willing to explore your relationship with your partner. You will need to be open with one another about what you want from your life together – your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Every relationship has its problems and every couple have their issues – wouldn’t you want to try and make your relationship the best it can be before you take the plunge?

If you’re interested in taking part or just want to find out more in a confidential chat, then please email Jodie at [email protected]
or call 0117 906 4350

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