Swan and Jacky’s 5 part engagement shoot all the way from Hong Kong

Today I have an engagement shoot that was sent in from one of my readers. Normally it is the photographer who sends me their work, but Swan has been a dedicated reader of the  Boho Blog for a while now, so I was delighted when she sent me her wedding photos and then added in her engagement photos as an added bonus.

What makes it even more exciting is that Swan lives in Hong Kong, proof that my little wedding blog is growing every day, and reaching not only the UK but the world! I will be posting their wedding photos tomorrow.

Swan and Jacky’s engagement shoot comes in 5 parts……..yes 5! and spread across 2 months last June and July, all around Hong Kong. Swan says I think the photos are retro and full of energy, and the entire photo shooting adventure is enjoyable, memorable, exciting and touching.’

Swan tells me a bit more about her thoughts behind the shoots.
It was me to raise the idea of taking some casual photos to celebrate our love. We did take typical pre-wedding photos yet I enjoyed the idea of atmosphere of engagement photos more. We regretted of not choosing the university that my husband and I met as a shooting location, and that made me even more desperate for another round of photo shooting. An old classmate, Fai, who is a professional photographer now, offered to realise my dream.

I have lots of ideas for the themes. Basically I want to recreate the atmospheres of the 20s, 60s, 70s and 80s and I entrusted Fai to realise all my ideas for me. I bought all the essential props and costumes from online shops and made use of the things that I’ve already got, to create the scenes that I want. I also show Fai some ideal engagement photos from websites and we spent time to discuss the mood that we would like to express in the photos.

How they met
I met my husband in a training course in a university. The professor randomly arranged us in a group for a group assignment. That was how I knew my husband. Many of my friends said the professor did a great job in pulling me and my husband together! We had been together for two years just before wedding.

The proposal
There wasn’t any formal proposal indeed. One day he just told me that he decided to marry me and I agreed with that. We’ve bought a pair of inexpensive rings long time ago but we didn’t really carry the engagement concept in mind.

Tell me one the thing you love most about each other
I love my husband because he’s always open-minded for ideas and opinions. Honestly I really had too many ideas flowing through my mind during the wedding preparations and photo shooting. Instead of banning some of my too ambitious ideas straight away, he respected my thoughts and modified my ideas carefully to fit our actual situation. He also supported me through the entire process of the engagement photo shoot. I remember that I was once so frustrated for not finding the martini glasses for the image of the 80s, he then went searching for them after work and on the shooting day, he even creatively improvised at the spot to use Gatorade to imitate the blue alcoholic cocktails!

My husband said he loves me coz I am a rather straightforward person.

The Wedding
The wedding took place on 13th Nov in Hong Kong. Purple is the colour for my wedding. I applied purple in many aspects, from the outfits for bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower boys & girls, to the flower bouquets, the invitation cards and even my grandma’s blazer! However, for the Chinese wedding ceremony in the morning, it has to be traditionally red in theme.

Which part of the wedding did you enjoy the most?
Every single bit of the wedding was memorable and enjoyable to me. I quite enjoyed the morning part because a Chinese wedding ceremony involved more people to participate in interactive games and stuff, and that means more people were there to share my happiness. I also enjoyed when seeing everybody enjoyed our songs and the food during the evening banquet. Of course I love the wedding vows too!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Swan for sending me in her engagement shoot, come back tomorrow to see the full wedding, in nearly as many parts as the engagement shoot!

Photographer  –  www.fotop.net/faifaidias


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    Laura C

    This couple could be a pair of models straight out of a fashion shoot – both gorgeous – and with a name like ‘Swan’ I think she is just a graceful as the name suggests.
    Now I want to wear a daisy chain around my head for the rest of the day!


    Wow love this shoot. Such a great couple and they look like they are having fun too. Thanks for sharing Kelly x


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