DIY Tutorial: Angel Wing Chair Backs by Adore by Chloe

It’s getting close to Christmas now so I thought a festive DIY Tutorial would be a good idea. Christmas is a great time to try out your DIY skills, it doesn’t have to be wedding related, you can try them on anything christmasy and this Tutorial is perfect for either.

Thanks once again to Chloe Adlington from Adore by Chloe, for tacking over the Blog for me and putting together this cute DIY tutorial for you.


DIY Angel Wing Chair Backs

I’m feeling very festive already this year and have been indulging in some early Christmas crafting for various magazine projects, radio interviews and new blog content over the past few weeks! I’ve saved one of my favourite DIY ideas from a recent photo shoot for you though.

DIY angle wings

Thanks so much to Butterworth Photography for the images, they look so sweet! Don’t you think they would be the perfect chair decorations for a wedding or a special festive touch  to your Christmas dinner table?!

To make them you will need…

Paper doilies – available really cheaply online
White cardboard (I’ve used yellow card in my tutorial as it shows up better in the step-by-step photo’s but white does look better!)
String or ribbon to tie them to your chairs

Step 1 ~ Fold a piece of card in half then draw a wing shape. Cut out your shape then open up to reveal your angel wing template…

DIY Angle Wings

Step 2 ~ Roll your paper doilies into tight little cone shapes and secure with cello-tape

DIY Angel Wings

Step 3 ~ To make smaller cones start by folding the doily in half before rolling, you’ll need to roll enough to cover your wings, gradually getting smaller to follow the shape to the centre

DIY Angel Wings

Step 4 ~ Attach the paper cones all over your cardboard wings with cello-tape, I bent the end of the cone over the top of the wings and taped on the back to hide the cello-tape, then added some little cello-tape rolls underneath the cones to secure them down at the front!

DIY Angel Wings

Step 5 ~ Attach some ribbon to your wings and tie them to the backs of your chairs for heavenly decoration ;-)

DIY Angel Wings

What do you think? For lots more DIY projects and handmade wedding ideas visit my website: www.adorebychloe.co.uk and read my blog here
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If I don’t see you at the Boho Christmas Bash on Wednesday (which I’m very excited about!) then have a fabulous Christmas! I see you back here in January with my next DIY project.



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