Ask The Experts: Romance in The Time of Pandemic – How to Keep the Fire Burning During These Trying Times

As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has got everyone stuck indoors. We all have a lot more time on our hands (unless you have small children) so maybe you have been thinking of ways to stay fit and healthy? You may be eating well, (or if you are anything like me, eating everything in sight) sleeping more, keeping your house clean. You may even be trying some home-based exercises. BUT are you taking care of your relationship the same way you watch out for your health?

As lockdown goes on for longer it is becoming more important to look after our mental health as well as our overall well-being. Romance is one of the most important aspects of your welfare. Maintaining a loving relationship with your partner amidst the COVID-19 pandemic helps you stay happy, healthy, and less stressed. Here are some things you can do to keep the fire burning.

Romance in The Time of Pandemic: How to Keep the Fire Burning During These Trying Times

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Always Say Good Night and Good Morning

Good night and good morning messages are typically on point in the beginning of relationships, but the frequency of saying these lovey-dovey greetings naturally fade away over time. Who would have thought that in the times of COVID-19, they’re some of the simplest things couples should be saying more often?

This whole situation can be so stressful, and it’s understandable if little things easily tick either of you off. Saying “good night” before going to bed particularly if you had a fight shows that your relationship matters to you, and it’s more important than dwelling on any upsetting event that might have happened earlier.
Meanwhile, saying good morning” as your partner wakes up assures them that you’re there for them no matter what. So, yes – something this ordinary can mean so much especially in these trying times.

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Find Ways to Communicate More Efficiently

Love, trust, and good communication are at the core of strong relationships. And, during this pandemic when everyone’s tired, anxious, and stressed out, many couples aren’t putting the amount of work they used to in talking with their partners. They may forget to say “I love you,” or avoid speaking up when they’re hurt just so they don’t get into an argument.

While it’s easy to tell people to communicate better with their significant others, it’s harder to explain how, more so do it. So, as a start, what you can do is to set aside time to talk. That can mean sitting at the kitchen island, chatting while having a nice cup of coffee. Or, scheduling a facetime call if you live apart. You can do these things daily or at least twice a week.
Ask them how their day went or plan your adventures after the stay-at-home orders have been lifted. You can even talk about what makes the coronavirus outbreak difficult for them. What’s important is you express yourself in a healthy way and listen to our partner as they do the same.

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Give Each Other Handwritten Notes or Letters

If no one in the world snail mails love letters anymore, that would be just sad, because while a person can argue that tweets and text messages are more convenient, and the memes are pretty much on point, nothing can match the romance and excitement that comes with receiving handwritten letters. They don’t have to be a 2 or 3-pager, but just something made with dedication and sincerity.

While you’re stuck at home, you can compose a long, heartfelt message for your significant other, or you can give them a series of affirmation notes to know they’re always loved. If you’re living apart, you can still make letters and read it to your special someone while you’re facetiming or talking over the phone. They’ll surely look forward to getting their hands on those once the stay-at-home orders have been lifted. If you ever receive one in return, keep them in memory box stowed away in your personal space so you can read them once in a while and fall in love over and over again.

Reminisce the Good Times Together

It’s nice to look back on your old memories as a couple and relive the love and happiness you felt back in the day. And, in this time when many people are staying at home, it’s a good idea to bring out those wedding photo albums or scour your social media accounts for pictures the both of you deeply cherish. MILK Books has a fine selection of premium, hand-crafted photo books that you can use to preserve all those memories.

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As these memories stir up emotions of love, warmth, and happiness, it’ll remind you how valuable you’ve become to each other. It’ll inspire you and you to re-engage in the relationship and create better memories together day by day for the rest of your lives.

Learn to Enjoy and Appreciate Your Free Time

Humans thrive on touch, which is why couples show their intimacy mostly by physical contact. So, it only makes sense that not being able to see each other may be the hardest part of this pandemic for people living apart. They can end up feeling lonely and fixated on the absence of their partner. On the other hand, isolating together has its own stresses too. Spending locked down in one place can make you lose boundaries, as your romantic, domestic, and work lives begin to pile up on top of each other.

The key to solving this problem is appreciating and making most out of your free time. If you’re spending the pandemic alone, learn to keep yourself busy but happy. You can do this by learning a new hobby, maybe binge-watching on Netflix, or settling down with a good book. Keep in mind that this situation is going to be over in time and everything will be fine. You’re going to see your partner again.

Meanwhile, if you’re living together, you have no choice but to spend time in each other’s presence. The good news is, you can do this while attending to your individual interests. You can do your own thing and they can do theirs, without necessarily neglecting your relationship needs.

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