Ask The Experts: Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You’ve Postponed

It’s not been the best year for weddings, nor for couples in general. That being said, it’s true that our health, more importantly, the health of our families, is more important than even our most special day. That can always come at another time.

Of course, we’re not here to make light of postponing a wedding. If you have had to do this, you likely know how challenging, emotionally troubling and tiring this process is. This can go double if you’ve been taking the time to apply for spouse visa uk options, or if you’ve had to cancel investments that, with the associated deposits, you have lost out on.

Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You’ve Postponed

Ask The Experts: Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You've Postponed

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If the original date you had planned is coming, and seemingly coming fast, it can feel quite tiring and upsetting to spend it alone, or not doing much of anything. But are there alternatives to the wedding plans you’ve postponed? Is it possible to spend some time celebrating this day anyway, perhaps involving your family, even in a limited, responsible capacity?


Let’ see what that might mean:


Virtual Parties 

It’s a tough ask, but a virtual party with those you care about can help you feel like you’ve met and celebrated with your family. Getting some of your families together to enjoy a Skype or Zoom call, and to discuss how everyone is, and to send everyone’s well wishes, can help you feel rejuvenated. A little encouraging talk can also help you and those who would have been in attendance remain excited, rather than deflated, for the postponed date. And, of course, this gives you the chance to check in with those you love most – making sure they’re okay first and foremost.

Ask The Experts: Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You've Postponed

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Romantic Dinners 

Romantic dinners are a loving way to connect with the one you wish to spend your life with. There’s something incredibly restorative and comforting about eating with someone. It’s an act of love. So – make it special. If you wish to order takeout, don’t feel like this is a bad option. Just go for something high-quality. Better yet, cook something amazing, something that helps you and your partner enjoy something adventurous. From duck confit to a range of seafood, or perhaps trying vegan alternatives to classic dishes, taking a whole day to prepare, cook, enjoy, and spend time with one another in a beautifully decorated room can help you enjoy your postponed date without feeling like you’ve ‘gone without.’

Ask The Experts: Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You've Postponed

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Going Through Your Designs 

Now can be a great time to relax and think through your wedding plans again. A postponed wedding can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It might be that you need to rearrange your entertainment or catering plans, or that you realize the design of your dress is not as comfortable as you had hoped. Simply re-checking everything or considering alternate accommodation options helps you feel like you’re tightly together. After so much unpredictability, this can help you feel like something is set is stone.

Ask The Experts: Alternative Ideas To The Wedding Plans You've Postponed

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With this advice, we hope you can make sense of, and even enjoy, the upcoming date you had to postpone.


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