Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

Today on Ask The Experts, we are looking at a subject we haven’t covered before on the blog; wedding perfume. The scent you wear on your wedding day will say a lot about you as a bride or a groom. I remember choosing my wedding perfume. I wanted something light and bright, but something speical as well. I normally have different smells for the day and the evening, so I went with Channel Chance as it was light enough for the day but strong enough to carry through to the night time. If you are in a bit of a scent muddle, then don’t worry as I have enlisted the expert advice of Ivana from Notino to help you.

Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

Photo by Sean and Kate full wedding HERE

Ivana tells us more about choosing your perfect wedding scent. 

Your wedding day is around the corner, all planned, everything is coming together smoothly, and you just want to be sure to remember every moment of this special day forever.

The secret is in the fragrance you decide to wear on your big day. Scents have the wonderful power to evoke strong memories every time you catch a whiff of your fragrance. In the matter of nanoseconds, you will be brought back to your big day, to the moments with your loved one and your family and friends.

It all sounds nice and easy, but choosing the perfect wedding perfume requires a lot more time and effort than you think. And we are here to help!
Follow these simple steps to find the one, the perfect fragrance soulmate for your wedding day.

Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

photo by Raw Shoots Photography full wedding HERE

Here Comes The Bride!

Your bridal style is the key. Whether you decided to be a boho bride or more of a classy princess, your personal style has already helped you to pick the dress, the venue, the hairstyle and makeup. You should follow your taste and align your perfume with your personality, so you can feel like yourself on your big day. Keep in mind the perfume notes you usually wear and love in your perfume.

The Classic Bride

If your style is more classic and polished, find the scent that is very feminine and sophisticated. The fragrance should be floral with a hint of oriental notes that are very trendy this year. Try Creed Love In White, the true gem of the Creed brand. This luxurious scent is powdery, floral with citrus aspects and it will be the unique fragrance that will make your wedding day very special.

Free Spirited Bride

If you are more laid-back boho bride go for a floral and fruity scent with woody notes. Try the symbol of freedom and happiness, the Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume, that will charm you with its juicy essence of blackcurrant, sweet pear and exotic patchouli. This fragrance is perfect for all day wear, and it may just become your significant fragrance from now on.

Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

photo by Nesta Lloyd full wedding HERE

Oh-so Chic!

Modern and chic brides should opt for notes of musk, sandalwood, jasmine and rose. Gucci Bloom will steal your heart, it is the perfect head-turning fragrance you’ve been looking for. The scent takes you to the beautiful garden full of delicate flowers. The composition is very sensual, elegant and floral.

Hopeless Romantic

A fragrance for romantic brides is the hardest one to find. It needs to be very delicate, sweet but sexy. You need to seek a perfume that is balanced and clean. Floral notes combined with vanilla and white musk is the perfect one for you. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle has it all! The scent creates an inimitable sensual experience for you and everyone nearby.

Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

photo by Jessica Dugener Photography full wedding HERE 

Once you pick the right perfume for yourself, we recommend wearing also a matching body cream to increase the longevity of your scent to not only carry you down the aisle but stay with you till late night hours.

If you love to keep the fragrance with you all day for occasional retouch, purchase the travel size bottle which is much easier to travel with. Notino offers a wide range of travel toiletries you could easily take with you also on your honeymoon. Have a look!

Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Perfume

Photo by Kevin Belson full wedding HERE


So what is your favourite wedding scent? If you are married do tell us what you wore on your wedding day, and if you are getting married soon, do tell us what you will be wearing, I would love to hear from you all. 



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