Ask The Experts: What Wedding Gifts Should You Ask For?

Ideally, the planning of a wedding should be as much fun as the big day itself, with as little stress as possible and as much excitement as you can manage. To make things as simple as possible, it’s a good idea to think carefully about exactly how you want your wedding to look and feel before you start booking anything. That way, you know exactly what decisions to make and what will work, which will reduce your stress.
However, something that you might have forgotten about, among all the excitement, is that your guests will want to give you a gift. This shouldn’t be a problem in itself – it’s very kind and something to look forward to – but this is an opportunity to make suggestions for things that are really going to help you, rather than leave it up to chance. So what should you be asking for?

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For many couples, money is going to be something that is going to be extremely useful when they are starting married life, especially if they are just setting up home together, moving to a larger property, or wanting to treat themselves to a wonderful honeymoon they might not otherwise have been able to afford. Perhaps you’ve got a nest egg, maybe you’ve invested in Swyftx Polkadot and have some money to start off with, but you want to add to this to ensure you’re comfortable from the start.
The problem is that many people are just not comfortable asking for money, and therefore, although it’s something that would be appreciated and more than likely something that guests would be happy to offer, it is ignored. To get around this societal issue, you can set up a honeymoon registry so that people know exactly where their money is going, and you don’t have to ask for cash specifically.

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Longed For Items

Everyone has at least one thing they have always wanted, but either couldn’t afford or just haven’t managed to find yet. If there is something you have in mind, you could ask your guests to purchase it for you between them. Although it won’t be such a surprise as an unasked-for gift would be, it could be just what you have always wanted, so it will be something you and your new spouse will treasure forever.
Rather than being given many different gifts from many different people, all of which need to be added to your home and space made for them, you would have just one gift you really want. It makes a lot more sense, especially if you have been living together for a while and therefore have many household items already.

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If you already have everything you need and you’re not too keen on getting more ‘things’, an experience can be an excellent gift, and it will certainly be something that will make your wedding gift memorable.
You don’t even have to settle on one particular experience such as wine tasting, climbing a mountain, making your own perfume, a spa day, or London theatre tickets, you can get a coupon to spend on whatever you want, meaning you can explore many different ideas and come up with something you both want to do.

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Something For Someone Else

It could well be that you already have everything you want and need, and you might not feel comfortable accepting gifts at all. Yet telling people you don’t want anything rarely works; it’s traditional to buy the happy couple a gift when you’re a guest at a wedding, and therefore, even if you say you want nothing, people will still buy something.
To help with this issue, ask for something for someone else. Maybe you have children who would love a present, or perhaps a beloved pet which you would prefer people buy something for. Or maybe you would like your guests to donate whatever they would have spent on you to a charity – you could even choose the charity and ensure that the money is going to something you feel passionate about. In this way, your guests will be happy, you will be happy, and whoever gets the gift or donation instead of you will be happy. It’s a great solution.

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I would love to know what you are planning for your ‘gift list’ Are you planning a traditional department store gift list, or choosing a charity to donate to? Have you got a list of ‘experiences’ you want to try out or are you simple saying ‘no gifts’ at all. Do let me know in the comments below. 






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